Lakshya (2004)

 ●  Hindi ● 3 hrs 6 mins

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Inspiring and invigorating, this evocative coming-of-age drama traces the evolution of one man from being a carefree, lazy, aimless brat to becoming a dedicated, extraordinarily skilled soldier in the Indian Army.
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Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Preity Zinta

Crew: Farhan Akhtar (Director), Andre Menezes (Director of Photography), Christopher Popp (Director of Photography), Dhimant Vyas (Director of Photography), Ehsaan Noorani (Music Director), Loy Mendonsa (Music Director), Shankar Mahadevan (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Drama, Romance, War

Release Dates: 18 Jun 2004 (India)

Tagline: It took him 24 years and 18000 feet to find himself.

Hindi Name: लक्ष्य

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Did you know? The vast majority of the non-speaking Army roles in the film were filled by real-life soldiers of 13th Battalion, The Punjab Regiment. (In the film, the unit portrayed is 3rd Battalion, The Punjab Regiment.) Read More
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as Karan Shergill
as Romila 'Romi' Dutta
Special Appearance
as Lt Col. Pratap Singh - IMA
as apt. Sudhir Mishra
as Pradeep
Supporting Actor
as Nikhil Trivedi
as Company Commander
as Col. Sunil Damle
as Brig Gen. Gautam Puri
Supporting Actress
as Capt. Abeer Saxena, Dogra Regt
as Mr. Shergill
as Parvesh
as Bhagerath
as Sheperd
as Rajeev Goel
as Mrs. Dutta, Romila's mother
as Maj. Satish Babbar
as Ashu
as Alwyn
as Capt. Behraam Khan
as Subedar Maj. Pritam Singh
as Maj. Shahbaaz Humdani
as Lt. Vishal Srivastav
as Army Photographer
as Maj. Kaushal Verma
as Gaurav
Supporting Actor
as Sapna
as Capt. Manjit Singh Dhingra
as Subedar Dharamvir Singh
Supporting Actor
as Maj. Binod Sengupta
as Commandant
as Capt. Jalal Akbar
as Sepoy Trilok Singh
as Rakesh Bhavnani
as Capt. Saket Ahluwalia, Dogra Regt.


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First Assistant Director


Screenplay Writer
Story Writer
Dialogue Writer

Camera and Electrical

Director of Photography
Still Photographer




Associate Editor
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Special Effects

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Stunt Coordinator
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Visual Effects

Visual Effects Supervisor
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Dolby Digital, Dolby SR, DTS
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It took him 24 years and 18000 feet to find himself.
When Hrithik Roshan receives a letter from his friend while in Kargil and is interrupted by his fellow senior officer, he puts the letter in his right pant pocket. But when he remembers about the letter later on, he removes the letter from his left pant pocket.

During preparation for the initial attack, teams are asked to fire randomly to provoke response fire and Col. Damle with Subedar are noting positions on map. Subedar points out presence of 2 heavy guns, but no such information is actually conveyed by the teams engaging enemy. There is only one mention of heavy guns in the entire scene, so it would not have been possible for Subedar to know of presence of more than 1 gun.
The highest crane shot ever done for a feature film was done on 13 October 2003 with a 24ft Giraffe crane at 17.796 ft above the Tanglangla Pass (17582 ft) in Ladakh, India.

Javed Akhtar returns to scriptwriting in this movie after more than 14 years. Main Azaad Hoon was the last movie in which he wrote.

In the flashback scenes Hrithik Roshan is wearing a wig although he first claimed in interviews that it was his own hair and got away with it.

Arjun Rampal was offered the role of Jalal Akbar.

Aamir Khan was offered the lead role but he turned it down for The Rising: Ballad of Mangal Pandey

Amar Singh managed to get the television channel office where Preity Zinta's character works in the film was set in the actual Sahara newsroom in Delhi. The entire space was vacated within a day's notice. The makers didn't have to pay anything for it, thanks to Amar Singh and Sahara, which is why Sahara and Amar Singh were thanked in the opening credits.

The vast majority of the non-speaking Army roles in the film were filled by real-life soldiers of 13th Battalion, The Punjab Regiment. (In the film, the unit portrayed is 3rd Battalion, The Punjab Regiment.)

This film portrays a fictionalized account of the actions of 3 Punjab. As the film does show, 3 Punjab was based in Kargil and was among the first of the units to detect the Pakistani intrusion across the Line of Control. However, they did not actually capture "Peak 5179" or any other peak. In actuality, much of the on-screen unit's actions are inspired by various other battalions' actions during the conflict. As the film credits the story as fiction based on fact and is largely truthful to the overall situation, the Army officially endorsed and approved the film.

When Hrithik Roshan was asked if there was anything about this movie that he would have changed, he answered that, in the second half, he would have changed Preity Zinta's hair, which he found to be awful.
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