Puthukkottaielerenthu Saravanan (2004)

 ●  Tamil ● Running Time: TBA

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Saravanan's(Dhanush) parents manage to send him to Singapore after having gone through a severe financial drought thinking that he would pay off all their debts as soon as he lands in Singapore. But little do they know that their son over would be charged for murder there. Saravanan finds a job in Singapore through an agent and lands there with high hopes of earning 3 lakh and sending back to his family. Put up in a cramped apartment, Saravanan gets into an argument with some Chinese immigrant there. One day, he burns Saravanan's passport and with anger on him, Saravanan starts fighting him leading to the accidental death of the Chinese man. Everyone thinks that Saravanan's is responsible for this. On his agent's advice, Saravanan goes on the run. Shalini (Aparna) lives a luxurious life with her uncle in Singapore. Her parents and other relatives live in India. Shalini's uncle gets into a huge debt and ends up pawning Shalini in a gamble. After losing the bet he escapes at gunpoint. He finds Saravanan and he makes a request for Saravanan that he takes Shalini back safely to her family in India, and in return he will get the amount of money he has been wishing for, 3 Lakh as payment. Now Saravanan and Shalini are on the run, when he agrees with this. Since Saravanan does not have a passport and is being searched by Singapore police, with the help of Vimal(Karunas) Saravanan gets a duplicate passport. The two have no other option but to to walk, hitchhike a ride or steal a car and travel all the way by road through Malaysia, Thailand and Burma to get to India. They sing, dance, make merry and also earn some money in the bargain. On the way, the problems they encounter make them both come close. As they arrive to Malaysia, Shalini's initial dislike of Saravanan starts to melt, and she finds herself falling in love with him. One day, Saravanan tells her that he is getting married to his relative by the decision of their parents, but he hasn't seen her face before. Shalini is crushed by the news, but she still loves him as they continue on their journey by walking. After the cross the Malaysian border and reach Thailand Saravanan tries to earn some money by doing odd jobs. When Shalini spends some of that money on getting herself attached to, Saravanan is furious, but is dumbfounded when the tattoo is of his own name. When she finally realises the powerful love Shalini feels for him, he begins to reciprocate it is, little by little. They continue their journey and hitchhike to the Thai-Burmese border. This sneak in to India through the heavily guarded Burma-Indian border, under the cover of a sandstorm that has forced the army to take refuge in their tents. On December 14 they finally reach India and Shalini is handed over to her parents safely. Her parents give Saravanan 3 lakhs and the moment has come to part. Shalini talks to Saravanan and tells him if he has feelings for her, he should come back to the same location after 2 months February 14. Shalini goes home with her parents and Saravanan goes back to Pudhukottai. Now, he finds himself thinking about Shalini. Will Saravanan go back in search of Shalini, and accept her love?

Cast: Aparna Pillai, Dhanush

Crew: SS Stanley (Director), G Ramesh (Director of Photography), Yuvan Shankar Raja (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India)

Genres: Action, Adventure, Romance

Release Dates: 14 Jan 2004 (India)

Tamil Name: புதுக்கொட்டைஎலேரேந்து சரவணன்

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Did you know? Dhanush was fondly called the Indian Bruce Lee after this movie. Read More
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as Shalini
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Feature Film
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Frame Rate:
24 fps
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2.35 : 1
This was the first Tamil film after M. G. Ramachandran's 1973 Tamil film 'Ulagam Sutrum Valiban' to have scenes shot in Thailand. The movie was also shot in other locations including, Singapore, Malaysia and Pulicat in Thiruvallur District, India. This was the first Tamil film to be shot in Thailand

Dhanush was fondly called the Indian Bruce Lee after this movie.

This movie was dubbed in Telugu as 'Sourya'.