Godzilla (2014)

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A powerful story of human courage and reconciliation in the face of titanic forces of nature, when the awe-inspiring Godzilla rises to restore balance as humanity stands defenseless. When seemingly invincible creatures, created by humanity's callous use of power, and shortsighted use of scientific knowledge cause havoc, threatening our very existence, it is time for Godzilla to come to our rescue.
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Did you know? This film stars Bryan Cranston, who is known for playing a scientist who wishes to leave behind both money and a legacy on 'Breaking Bad'. The original Gojira starred Takashi Shimura, who played a man dying of cancer who wishes to leave behind a legacy in the 'Akira Kurosawa' film 'Ikuru'. Read More
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as Master Sargeant Marcus Waltz
as Tsunami Survivor
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When the father and son sneak into the quarantine area, they are wearing radiation masks. The father's mask is a slip over face mask (not entire face, hood and shoulders one-piece like the son's) that shows some exposed skin in a gap between the hood and mask, yet they speak about how severe the radiation is expected to be. The father using a meter detects no radiation and he dramatically slips that mask type off to breath the air. If there was severe radiation as they anticipated, he would have already been harshly exposed.

Factual Mistake
When the nuclear bomb goes off, the main character is on the rescue helicopter in clear view of the blast. They are close enough to the blast, with the view they showed, that the helicopter would have been blown out of the sky.

Factual Mistake
During Ford's rescue from the boat Search and Rescue is able to find him, hoist him, and vacate the area within the 5min left on the nuke. Having done this in real life it takes a tad longer.

When the soldiers go to Yucca mountain to look for the other MUTO, they find a hole where it had busted out and was heading to Vegas. Why didn't they see this gigantic creature across the desert while on the way to Yucca mountain?

Factual Mistake
In the ending credits, the USS Ronald Reagan is listed with the hull number CVN-70. Its actual hull number is CVN-76.

Factual Mistake
When Ford and his dad are in the Blackhawk/Seahawk, they are talking at just above a whisper. There is no way to "whisper" in a black/seahawk.

Factual Mistake
The military wants to use a nuclear bomb to lure the creatures away and then detonate it. They say they want it 20 miles offshore to be safe. Later in the movie, the main character manages to get on the boat with the bomb to pilot it away from San Francisco. They show the time left on the bomb is about 13 and a half minutes. He would have had to been going 90 mph to get 20 miles away in that time, and the boat he was on would have never been able to go that fast.

Factual Mistake
In the cardiac resuscitation scene with Brian Cranston, someone says "he's in atrial fibrillation... Give him 1 milligram of epinephrine." Wrong drug, in fact one that would very likely kill him immediately (maybe that's why he didn't make it!).

Factual Mistake
Due to the specific type of suspension bridge it is, the road deck of the Golden Gate Bridge would have collapsed entirely after Godzilla severed the bridge's main cables, instead of remaining level as seen in the film.

When Juliette Binoche is running for her life in the tunnel near the beginning of the movie she is running in front of the group when the camera is pointed at her face, but when it is pointing at her back, she is at the end of the group.
This epic thriller has an emotional core that delves into a family's struggles after they were splintered due to the events of 54, and sent swirling into a spiral of obsession, lack of belief, faith, trust and communication.

Gareth Edwards was chosen as the ideal candidate for this movie, partly due to the immense success of 'Monsters'. On that 2010 indie effort, the UK filmmaker wore multiple hats: director, writer, cinematographer, production designer and visual effects. And in his hands Monsters transcended expectations and was a tight, captivating character drama that just so happened to have towering squid-like monsters rampaging across Mexico’s landscape.

According to production designer Owen Paterson, who also worked on The Matrix trilogy, Godzilla is massive; at nearly 400 feet tall he is bigger than any incarnation of Godzilla yet.

Godzilla has atomic breath in this movie, and it plays a big role in terms of how it effects people in the Philippines and the M.U.T.O.s (the other monsters that he fights.)

Elizabeth Olsen plays Johnson's wife in the film, and she acts as a peacemaker of sorts between the father and the son.

Ken Watanabe's character, Daisuke Serizawa, shares a name with the scientist who created the Oxygen Destroyer in the '54 film.

While creators wanted to establish a mythology that made sense, back to '54, they certainly did not want to build on any specific events like the nuclear event or Godzilla attacking Japan, having the movie act like a sequel. In this movie, the dots have been connected in a way that will help the audience understand the origins, and feel the reverence, while providing a little historic perspective to what may be the genesis of what becomes the initial problem in this story, and then it moves up to 1999, and again to 2014.

After acquiring the rights to make ​'Godzilla' from Toho in 2010, Legendary commissioned a new conceptual artwork of 'Godzilla', consistent with the Japanese design of the monster. For a surprise promotional event, the artwork was used in an augmented reality display produced by Talking Dog Studios; when viewed from a web-cam at the Legendary Pictures booth, the image on-screen would spout radioactive breath, and the distinctive Godzilla roar could be heard. ​

This epic drama was released in 2014, Godzilla's 60th anniversary.

Gareth Edwards and the design group reviewed all the previous incarnations of Godzilla's design for influence on the final design for the film. Their main intention was to ensure that the final product give a clear impression of being a Toho Godzilla.

While shooting this film, cinematographer Seamus McGarvey accidentally went to a lakeside set of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014), which was also shooting nearby, in Vancouver. Their sets were so similar to his own shoot that day, that he was duped into thinking he had walked into his own set, until he realised that all the people were different!

A surprise teaser trailer and poster for the film were revealed at Comic-Con 2012.

For the 1950s scenes, cinematographer Seamus McGarvey wanted "a peeled look with muted colors and diffused highlights." To achieve this, he shot those scenes with vintage 1960s camera lenses and additionally had the shades of black in those scenes digitally tinted in magenta.

This is the last film that Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures collaborated together on.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Henry Cavill, Scoot McNairy and Caleb Landry Jones were considered for the role of Lt Brody.

This film stars Bryan Cranston, who is known for playing a scientist who wishes to leave behind both money and a legacy on 'Breaking Bad'. The original Gojira starred Takashi Shimura, who played a man dying of cancer who wishes to leave behind a legacy in the 'Akira Kurosawa' film 'Ikuru'.

After the release of 2004's Godzilla: Final Wars, Toho Co. Ltd. had announced that it would not produce any films featuring the Godzilla character for ten years.
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