Naaga (2003)

 ●  Telugu ● Running Time: TBA

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Nagaraju (NTR) is a law student and the son of a bantroth (Raghuvaran) - the white dressed man who stands besides judge. Bantroth's ambition in life is to see his son Naaga as a truthful and noble lawyer who wholeheartedly serves society. In that process, he spends lot of money on Naaga though he can hardly afford such a costly education. Chandra Sekhara Naidu (Nazar) is the Chief Minister (CM) of the state. The Home Minister (Rajan P Dev) is looking for an opportunity to destabilize CM. The HM has an illegitimate affair with a wonton woman under the guise of social worker called Mandaram (Shakeela). Mandaram has insatiable thirst for the power. She pressurizes HM to make her an MLA when an assembly position falls vacant. When CM refuses to give ticket to Mandaram, the HM join hands with an opposition leader Potti Kasaiah (Paruchuri Gopala Krishna) and launches Mandaram as an independent candidate. In one of such political rally campaigns, the goons happen to enter the house of Naaga due to some petty quarrel. In the process, they bruise Naaga's father and sister. In a fist of anger, Naaga beats the miscreants black and blue, who consequently file a case on Naaga for injuring them. Naaga impresses one and all in the court by saying how the political campaigns and street rallies are affecting the privacy and comfort of common citizens. He also suggests that the politicians should use electronic media for campaign instead of wasting money by trying to influence voters by unfair means. His argument becomes the talk of the town and the headlines in various newspapers. The CM also gets impressed with Naaga. All the students unions in AP join hands with Naaga to establish youth student organizations under one roof in the leadership of Naaga. Naaga campaigns for the ruling party candidate and contributes his part in the victory. An impressed CM appoints Naaga as the youth leader for his ruling party. The opposition party uses the current drought situation in the state as the weapon to destabilize government. As a reply to this, CM starts a fast-unto-death struggle to ensure the Central Government's intervention into the water scarcity issue. Due to some miscommunication, Naaga starts creating law and order problem to make sure that CM stops his fast-unto-death and rule the state again, to the extent that Naaga's father dies in the process. The rest of the story is all about how Naaga overcomes all the hurdles and emerges unscathed as a winner.
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Did you know? The movie was also dubbed in Hindi under the title, 'Mera Kanoon'. Read More
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The movie was also dubbed in Hindi under the title, 'Mera Kanoon'.

Two of the most prominent music directors, Vidyasagar and Deva, were chosen to do the film's score, to ensure that the music was both melodious and attractive to mass audiences.