The African Queen (1952)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 45 mins

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September 1914, news reaches the colony German Eastern Africa that Germany is at war, so Reverend Samuel Sayer became a hostile foreigner. German imperial troops burn down his mission; he is beaten and dies of fever. His well-educated, snobbish sister Rose Sayer buries him and leaves by the only available transport, the dilapidated river steamboat 'African Queen' of grumpy Charlie Allnut. As if a long difficult journey without any comfort weren't bad enough for such odd companions, she is determined to find a way to do their bit for the British war effort (and revenge her brother) and aims high as God is obviously on their side: construct their own equipment, a torpedo and the converted steamboat, to take out a huge German warship, the Louisa, which is hard to find on the giant lake and first of all to reach, in fact as daunting an expedition as anyone attempted since the late adventurous explorer John Speakes, but she presses till Charlie accepts to steam up the Ulana, about to brave a German fort, raging rapids, very bloodthirsty parasites and the endlessly branching stream which seems to go nowhere but impenetrable swamps... Despite fierce rows and moral antagonism between a bossy devout abstentionist and a free-spirited libertine drunk loner, the two grow closer to each-other as their quest drags on...
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Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn

Crew: John Huston (Director), Jack Cardiff (Director of Photography), Allan Gray (Music Director)

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Romance, War

Release Dates: 20 Feb 1952 (India)

Tagline: The greatest adventure a man ever lived...with a woman!

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Did you know? The African Queen was played by the LS Livingston, which had been a working steamboat for almost 40 years. Read More
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The greatest adventure a man ever lived...with a woman!
While arguing about who is going to steer the torpedoes, a cigar suddenly appears in Charlie's mouth.

In the scene where Charlie wakes up in the rain, his blanket is completely soaked. After Rosie lets him in out of the rain, his blanket is dry.

In the final storm, a wave swamps the boat fills the furnace and extinguishes the fire. In the next scene, the fire is still flickering.

Blue sky and sunshine can be seen in the scenes of assorted wildlife during the major rainstorm.

Errors in Geography
The nameplate on the front of the church says "1st Methodist". Whereas American Methodists sometimes call their churches 1st Methodist, British Methodists never do.
The African Queen was played by the LS Livingston, which had been a working steamboat for almost 40 years.

Originally the African Queen sank and had to be raised twice during the filming of the movie.

Humphrey Bogart won the only Oscar in his career for his role in the film.