Strange Days (1995)

 ●  English ● 2 hrs 25 mins

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When Lanny Nero, a street hustler/cop, comes into contact with a disc containing memories of murder, He is thrust into a conspiracy of blackmail and lies. He must traverse the dangerous streets of pre-millennium Los Angeles and uncover the truth
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Did you know? Andy Garcia was originally down for the lead male role. Read More
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as Lornette
as Lenny Nero
as Zander
as Cecile
as Duncan
as Jeriko One
as Keith
as Palmer Strickland
as Faith Justin
as Lori from Encino
as Police Officer
as Wade Beemer
as Philo Gant
as Spaz Diaz
as Tick
as Bobby the Bartender
as Homeboy
as Tex Arcana
as Max Peltier
as Burton Steckler
as Dwayne Engelman


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you know you want it
An extreme taste of reality.
New year's eve 1999. anything is possible. nothing is forbidden.
Strange days are coming
When Faith's handcuffs are supposedly being removed, it's clearly visible that she isn't cuffed anymore and that she just kept her hands close to the bed frame, while the unknown person pretends fumbling with the cuffs that are not there. He then picks them up from somewhere behind the bed frame so that it looks as if he just removed the handcuffs from her wrists.

After Lenny and Max fight in the hotel room, and the glass doors are shattered, all the shattered glass appears to be swept neatly off to the side as Lenny is walking away,.

The safety cable is visible during the final 10 or 20 feet of Max's fall.

The pre-recorded clip of Lenny watching himself in a mirror shows him in profile, not from directly in front.

Factual Mistake
Just before Lenny and Mace get into the "Millennium" party, a screen shows people celebrating the new year in Madrid, where it is still dark. This is not possible as the time in the movie is just after 11:00 p.m., which means that it is after 8:00 a.m. in Madrid

Crew/Equipment Visible
When Lenny walks into the bedroom of the suite at the Bonaventure and finds Gant's body, the reflection of the cameraman's legs is visible next to Lenny's on the mirrored wall.

Crew/Equipment Visible
A Steadicam operator is visible on the bottom of the screen at the end.

Crew/Equipment Visible
In the Iris POV shot in the train yards, the steadicam operators shadow can be seen just beyond the chain link fence.

Crew/Equipment Visible
One of the crew is visible in the side view mirror of Jericho's Jeep when he's driving around with Iris.

When the cops confront Lenny at the impound lot, they ask him for the disc. He pulls ii out of his briefcase and shuts it, but never snaps it closed. In the next shot when the dog bites the cops leg, Lenny is seen picking up the magically snapped shut case and running off.

In a scene in Mace's apartment, Lenny is given a dish towel for a wound on his head. The first time he's shown holding it to his head, it's completely blood-soaked (solid red). When we see him again a few moments later, he's still holding the towel to his head but it is only partially red.

During the Limo chase scene, sixteen bullets are seen striking the right side of the vehicle in close-up. Immediately following, there is a wide shot that shows the exact same sixteen bullet holes being created by Officer Engleman as he fires the machine gun he is holding.

Before Max shoots Philo, the mirror behind him is cracked. After he shoots him, the mirror is unbroken.

When Lenny is skating with Faith, he falls and you can see his bare right knee. Briefly later, he is on the steps removing a right knee pad.

In the Bonaventure hotel room, Lenny knocks Max to the floor through a doorway, and at that moment Max is not wearing gloves. Once Max hits the floor, his gloves reappear on his hands.

When Faith rips off Max's wig and stumbles backwards, the wig changes hands between shots.

At the end of the movie when Steckler is chasing Mace through the crowd there is one time when the film is reversed. Steckler's badge appears on the wrong side of his body and his gun has changed hands.

When Lenny is stabbed in the back by Max at the Bonaventure, the knife changes positions on Lenny's back more than once.

Bullet holes appear in Mace's limousine before the shooting occurs, and the limousine becomes undamaged during the chase.

The second time she sings, Faith's microphone jumps rapidly between her hand and the microphone stand.

Lenny's cell phone switches sides while he is driving.

The bartender finishes pouring the two double tequila shots twice.

Audio/Video Mismatch
When Lornette and Lenny are in her house and she has him pinned against the wall, you can hear her voice but her mouth is not moving.

Audio/Video Mismatch
Mace's mouth moves while Max speaks when they are at Replay's van.
Arnold Schwarzenegger was considered for the lead role.

The point-of-view action sequences (where the audience sees everything from the perspective of one of the characters) required well over a year of preparation, planning, and careful rehearsal before they could be shot.

Early in the film, when Lenny's television is on, one of the predictions made for the new millennium is that Muammar Gadhafi will win a Nobel Peace Prize. Ironically, Gadhafi was captured and killed after the Libyan uprising in 2011, largely because he was viewed as a brutal tyrant and dictator.

The music that Juliette Lewis sings in the film was written by and originally performed by P.J. Harvey.

Andy Garcia was originally down for the lead male role.

One of the two movies where Juliette Lewis character has a fight with Tom Sizemore, the other film being Natural Born Killers (1994).

According to DP Matthew F. Leonetti, the vast majority of the movie was shot at night, 77 nights of an 80-day shooting schedule, to be precise.

A total of four different camera systems were used throughout the arduous shoot, including various lighting systems developed by Matthew F. Leonetti's Hollywood-based "Leonetti Company."

Because so many 360-degree POV shots were used, the lights had to be either hung overhead, or cleverly disguised, so as not to be picked up by the roving cameras.

The group playing in the street near the end is Skunk Anansie, playing the song from the soundtrack.

James Cameron did extensive editing work, especially on the final action sequences, but he could not be credited because he was not in the editors union. He joined before making Titanic (1997) and is credited as an editor on that film.

The party scene was an actual rave; it was promoted by Phillip Blaine and it was called "Millenium"; Aphex Twin, Lady Miss Kier and Doc Martin, among others, were among the live performers.

The band playing in the club is Season to Risk from Kansas City.

The character of LAPD Chief Strickland is based on real-life LAPD Chief Daryl Gates.

In the opening sequence after Nero takes off the head piece, Tick's pet lizard is a collared lizard which can be found in California

The movie's title comes from the Album "Strange Days" by The Doors and a cover version of the album's title track is played in the movie.

Cinematographer Matthew F. Leonetti estimates that 50 to 60% of the film was shot with the Steadicam or some sort of moving camera.

The single biggest challenge facing Matthew F. Leonetti and his crew, was discreetly lighting a seven-block stretch of Sunset Boulevard, so that both sides of the street could be filmed simultaneously with several different incidents going on.

In the scene where Lenny uses the S.Q.U.I.D. to watch a clip of his past with Faith, Faith throws a blue towel and him and says, "Dry me." It is a reference to Blade Runner (1982) where Zhora throws a towel at Deckard and says the same line.

The band playing at the Millennium party at the end of the movie is Testament, from San Francisco.

Juliette Lewis did all her own vocals for the film.

The SQUID decks are retrofitted Sony MiniDisc players.

The cartridges used for the "clips" are Sony MiniDiscs.

Lenny Nero's 1997 Mercedes-Benz S500 was a prototype loaned to the production by the manufacturer.

The opening sequence of the film was shot at four separate locations, as one contiguous location could not be found. The cuts between shots were disguised by rapidly panning the camera around. Due to the pace of the scene, the sound men could not effectively record any of the actual sound on the set. All of the sound and dialogue in the sequence had to be overdubbed during post production.

Judging by his birth and death year listed in the news report about his murder, Jeriko One is a member of the 27 Club.

When the character Mace (Angela Bassett) is delivering a speech to Lenny (Ralph Fiennes) about how memories are designed to fade, Lenny is crumpling in front of a poster of elephants - a well-known symbol of memory. Director Kathryn Bigelow was asked at a special screening if this was intentional, to which she replied, "No. I'm going to have to ask the art director about that..."

James Cameron got the idea for the story after the outcome of the 'Rodney King' verdict on 29 April 1992.

Director Kathryn Bigelow found that no existing camera system could accomplish the shots necessary for the point-of-view sequences, so Lightstorm Entertainment's research division spent a full year designing and fabricating a special camera for the production. Weighing only 8 pounds, the 35mm camera literally fit in the palm of the hand and featured interchangeable lenses, remote follow focus, and video assist (necessary since the camera had no viewfinder). The camera was then mounted on a SteadiCam-style portable rig, which gave the camera stability and mobility similar to the human eye.

In a scene between Mace (Angela Bassett) and Lenny (Ralph Fiennes), Mace says "...Right Here Right Now." This is exactly where 'Norman 'Fatboy Slim' Cook' obtained the sample from that is heard in his single "Right Here Right Now".