Rango (2011)

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Embedded with quirky comedy and intense action, this animated adventure delightfully depicts the fluctuating fortunes in the life of Rango, an ordinary pet chameleon with a passion of acting. While travelling with his family, an unfortunate accident leaves him stranded in the Mojave Desert. Lonely, afraid and desperately thirsty, Rango embarks upon a journey in search of water. After a series of mysterious events, he ends up in a little town called Dirt, which is a thirsty town inhabited by animals who are in desperate need of water, a new sheriff and, most importantly hope. Rango, being the talented actor that he is, poses as the answer to their problems. Will he really find the water and become the hero that the folks of Dirt think he is, or will he reveal his identity and break their trust?
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Cast: Isla Fisher, Johnny Depp

Crew: Gore Verbinski (Director), Hans Zimmer (Music Director)

Genres: Adventure, Animation, Drama, Fantasy

Release Dates: 04 Mar 2011 (India)

English Name: Rango

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Did you know? The bottle in which Rango goes into to escape the bird in the desert is called "Jarrito", spanish for a small jar or container, pronounced "har EE toe". When he escapes the bird again in the town, Rango ducks into a latrine made from an empty Pepto-Bismol bottle (an anti-diarrhea medicine). Read More
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as Beans
as Rango
as Priscilla
as Boo
as Spoons
as Roadkill
as Bonnie
as Rattlesnake Jake
as Buford
as Elbows
as Hazel Moats
as Angelique
as Señor Flan - Mariachi Accordion
as Wounded Bird
as Sergeant Turley
as Balthazar
as Chorizo
as Ambrose
as Waffles
as Rock-Eye
as Elgin
as Sod Buste
as Melonee
as Furgus
as Lucky
as Parsons
as Mayor
as Delilah
as Bad Bill
as Jedidiah
as Doc
as Spirit of the West
as Ezekiel


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Factual Mistake
When the mayor pulls the trigger to shoot Rattlesnake Jake, we here a ratchet sound, and the gun's cylinder rotates to....an empty chamber. The gun is a single action Colt Peacemaker (the classic western gun), and the cylinder would not move on the trigger pull, it would move to position when the hammer is cocked before each shot.

Factual Mistake
When Rango stares down Jake ready for a gunfight, a dragonfly flies by and Rango catches it with his tongue and eats it. Dragonflies are located around abundant water resources and the town of Dirt is bone dry.

Factual Mistake
The clock tower is prominently shown to be a large (by their scale) ticking Telechron pocket watch, complete with company logo on the dial. However, Telechron never made either pocket watches or wind-up mechanical movements; their entire product line over 80 years consisted of electric clocks and related electrical timing devices, all powered by motors.

Factual Mistake
The bats' feet are reversed. Birds' feet curl backward, but bats' feet curl forward - exactly the opposite.

Errors in Geography
There are no natural Saguaro cacti in the Mojave Desert. They are native to the Sonoran Desert.

At the accident, when the fish tank starts floating, Rango has the glass in his left hand, but when he gets up and stares at the toy fish, it is in the right. In that same scene the doll's arm goes from left to right as well.

Throughout the movie the arm of the one-armed female doll torso switches sides. In some scenes the left arm is attached to the doll, and in other scenes it is the right arm.

Revealing Mistakes
Armadillo tells Rango to follow his shadow, which means he should be going opposite the direction of the sun, yet you see as Rango walks away that his shadow is pointing out to his right, indicating that the sun is to his left.

Character Error
While Rango hangs out in the Mayor's antechamber, he plays with a golf club, and knocks over a couple of actual golf balls that fit his character size. Yet when he plays golf with the mayor later, they both use pill bugs as golf balls.

Character Error
Rattlesnake Jake is in the habit of constricting like a constrictor rather than a rattlesnake.

When the water tower lands on the Hawk, the Hawk should be facing chest down, instead when the Hawk is crushed his chest is faced up.
This movie a critical and commercial success, and won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

This is the first animated feature produced by Industrial Light & Magic, the special effects company created by George Lucas to work on Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977).

Clint Eastwood is the visual inspiration for Spirit of the West. In the back of his golf cart, the "Spirit" has five Oscar-like film awards (which Rango calls "golden guardians"). Eastwood has received exactly five Oscars, including his Irving J. Thalberg Award. The voice of the "Spirit," Timothy Olyphant, starred in the Western TV series, Deadwood (2004).

Rattlesnake Jake was modeled after Lee Van Cleef.

Characters who are never addressed by name: Roadkill the armadillo, Priscilla the desert mouse and Balthazar the mole.

The first character that Beans talks to in Dirt is an obvious vocal impression of staple western actor Pat Buttram.

During the scene in which Rango describes the Spirit of the West to the townspeople by drawing images in the sky with a smoldering stick, it is possible to spot the logo of American rock band KISS, Imperial Tie Starfighters from Star Wars IV, a shark fin, a dinosaur and a "Kilroy was here" drawing for a brief moment.

At the poker table in the saloon when Rango first enters, there is an owl in a top hat holding a pair of black aces and a pair of black eights. These were the cards held by notorious Wild West gunman "Wild" Bill Hickok, the moment he was shot dead in a saloon in Deadwood, South Dakota. Bill's hand is since known as "The Dead Man's Hand".

Although he receives special billing as the Spirit of the West, Timothy Olyphant only has nine lines.

The bottle in which Rango goes into to escape the bird in the desert is called "Jarrito", spanish for a small jar or container, pronounced "har EE toe". When he escapes the bird again in the town, Rango ducks into a latrine made from an empty Pepto-Bismol bottle (an anti-diarrhea medicine).

Rango refers to Priscilla, the mouse, as "little sister," which is also Rooster Cogburn's pet name Mattie Ross in True Grit (1969).

In the beginning of the film when Rango is dodging another car, he lands on the windshield of another car. The driver looks like Hunter S. Thompson, a character Jonny Depp played in 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'.

This is director Gore Verbinski's first animated film.

Instead of recording voice-overs in booths, with every actor isolated from everyone else, most of the voice-over work was recorded on a set, with the actors voicing their characters while performing with their fellow cast members. This enabled the performers to follow the rhythms of their co-stars while also giving them room for improvisation.

The wanted posters in the sheriff's office offer rewards for "Lockjaw Smith" and "Disco Lovejoy."
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