Mr. Holmes (2015)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 44 mins

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Long-retired and near the end of his life, Sherlock Holmes (Ian McKellen) grapples with an unreliable memory and must rely on his housekeeper's son as he revisits the still-unsolved case that led to his retirement.
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Cast: Ian McKellen, Laura Linney, Milo Parker

Crew: Bill Condon (Director), Tobias A Schliessler (Director of Photography), Carter Burwell (Music Director)

Rating: PG (Singapore)

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Release Dates: 24 Jul 2015 (India)

Tagline: The man behind the myth

English Name: Mr. Holmes

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Did you know? Ian McKellen stated in an interview that his costume had very uncomfortable materials that chafed in the worst places. Because of this he is hesitant about reprising his role in future instalments. Read More
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as Sherlock Holmes
as Mrs Munro
as Roger
as Bank Clerk
as Oswald
as Dr John Watson
as Chemist
as Lady on Platform
as Matinee 'Madame Schirmer'
as Madame Schirmer
as Ann Kelmot
as Matinee 'Ann Kelmot'
as Tamiki Umezaki
as Patron in cinema
as Mycroft Holmes
as Boy
as Japanese Girl
as The Haunted Woman
as Bank Manager
as Ann's Solicitor
as Paramedic
as Matinee 'Sherlock'
as Ticket Agent
as Thomas Kelmot
as Cinema Attendee
as Inspector Gilbert
as Dr Barrie
as Matinee 'Kelmot'
as Stone Mason
as Mrs Hudson
as Joe Gilbert
as Maya Umezaki
as Tea Shop Customer
as Middle Class Lady
as Matsuda Umezaki
as Boy's Mother


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The man behind the myth
After a lifetime of detective work, there's one mystery left to solve: his own.
Right at the start, the aerial footage of the steam train shows in some shots lots of steam billowing from beneath the train - one shot is cut in showing none, no sign of any at all.

One of the scenes where Holmes is writing up his memories of the old case as they come to him, he passes his pen from right hand to left, puts it down with the left, then when he picks up his drink with the right, a different camera angle shows the pen is in that hand between his fingers. Cuts show the two situations one more time each.

Factual Mistake
The mixer tap for the kitchen sink in the scene where Roger and his mum Mrs. Munro had an argument appeared to be too new / too shiny. It didn't look like something that would be around in 1947.
Ian McKellen has worked with his close friend Derek Jacobi on such shows as Vicious (2013). Jacobi has narrated many of the Sherlock Holmes audio books. Due to the fact that the novels are told from the perspective of Dr John Watson it is fair to say that Derek Jacobi has played Dr John Watson.

Ian McKellen has previously worked with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in The Hobbit trilogy. They star in Sherlock (2010) as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson

In Nicholas Rowe's previous film Young Sherlock Holmes (1985), the elder Watson was voiced by Sir Michael Hordern, who previously played Gandalf in the BBC Radio version of The Lord of the Rings. In his own portrayal of Gandalf, Ian McKellen worked with Martin Freeman, who plays Watson on Sherlock (2010). The younger on-screen Watson was played by Alan Cox, whose father Brian Cox appeared with McKellen in X-Men 2 (2003).

Director Bill Condon previously directed The Fifth Estate (2013) which starred "Sherlock" actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

Filming of the beach and cliff scenes take part in Seaford near the cuckmere river, which also lends its name to the fictional train station that Holmes travels to.

Sir Ian McKellen (Sherlock Holmes) previously worked with Frances de la Tour (Madame Schirmer) in the British comedy Vicious (2013).

Ian McKellen stated in an interview that his costume had very uncomfortable materials that chafed in the worst places. Because of this he is hesitant about reprising his role in future instalments.

The house that Holmes lives in is on the edge of Winchelsea in Sussex, a medieval walled new town built after old winchelsea slipped into the sea near Rye. Winchelsea is a walled town about 40 miles from Seven Sisters where the beach scenes are filmed.

Ian McKellen and Hiroyuki Sanada had previously appeared in the X-Men film The Wolverine (2013).

Philip Davis, who plays Inspector Gilbert, also plays the taxi driver in the first episode of Sherlock (2010).

Ann is seen looking into the window of a Taxidermist owned by Ambrose Chappell. In The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956), James Stewart goes to a taxidermist called Aambrose Chappell to look for his kidnapped son.

Sir Ian McKellen has worked with fellow "Sherlock Holmes" actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Sir Christopher Lee in "The Lord of the Rings" and "Hobbit" film series. He is also the second notable Marvel Films actor to take the role of Sherlock Holmes, after Robert Downey Jr.. Although, Benedict Cumberbatch playing Dr Strange would make him the third.

Ian McKellen took a course in beekeeping with the The London Honey Company prior to filming. He was not stung during filming.

The film originally was titled "A Slight Trick of the Mind", after the Mitch Cullin novel it was based on, but the filmmakers changed it to the simpler and more accessible "Mr Holmes."

Nicholas Rowe, who plays the Matinee Sherlock, had previously played the title character in Young Sherlock Holmes (1985).

To be screened at the Berlin Film Festival in February 2015.

Ian McKellen and Hiroyuki Sanada had previously starred in the X-Men film The Wolverine (2013).

Fourth collaboration between Laura Linney and director Bill Condon.

Director Bill Condon previously directed The Fifth Estate (2013) which starred "Sherlock Holmes" actor Benedict Cumberbatch.
Filming Start Date:
05 Jul 2014