Morisika (2016)

 ●  Assamese ● Running Time: TBA

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More than a century ago the holocaust blackened the entire world. Millions of people were killed like animals by the tyrant of the world. In the year ... this dark chapter of humanity strikes the world again. But now it is sponsored by the state. The court of the state takes the decision to eliminate the people who are not required for the state. It’s the sate of survival of the fittest. Whoever cannot contribute for the welfare of the state must die. In the background of this transformation, a love story is developed between Raj and Nila. Raj is an industrialist. And Nila is the daughter of a farmer. The farmland of Nila’s father is taken over by the state and given to Raj for starting construction activities. The farmers protest under the leadership of a leader. They are lathi charged by police. They came for discussion with the builder. And here Raj meets Nila. Under pressure from the state, Raj takes over the land. And the farmers become land less. The capable ones migrate to other jobs. But the incapable ones remain work less. The state decides to kill the incapable ones as they are no more required for the development of the country. Those people also include the family of Nila. In the mean time, the holocaust starts. The soldiers start dumping the incapable people in the concentration camps located at different parts. Some people flee. But the soldiers chase them and arrest from their hideouts. Some are shot dead while fleeing. In the concentration camp, the people are being executed group by group. Every morning they are asked to sing the national anthem. Then they stand in a queue and shot at by the soldiers. Their dead bodies are sent to the factories for recycling and manufacturing different things and chemicals. The demand for bullet rises and becomes more expensive. The state decides to look for alternative methods of killing. The court asks the government to create gas chambers to kill the people at a low cost. The people are forced to enter the gas chambers. The gates of the gas chambers are closed and poisonous gas is released. The people die within minutes. The family of Nila also flees to avoid getting killed. After search at different places, they are arrested from a remote village. They are brought to gas chambers. This news reaches Raj. He tries his best to save her. But he could not save her as the state does not compromise on matters related to the progress of the state. The family is executed in a gas chamber. He sees the dead bodies of Nila and breaks down. -------------------------------------------------
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