Jobs (2013)

 ●  English ● 2 hrs 2 mins

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It only takes one person to start a revolution. This extraordinary story, inspired by Steve Jobs, the original innovator and ground-breaking entrepreneur who let nothing stand in the way of greatness, tells the epic and turbulent story of Jobs as he blazed a trail that changed technology, and the world, forever.

Cast: Ashton Kutcher, JK Simmons, Josh Gad

Crew: Joshua Michael Stern (Director), Russell Carpenter (Director of Photography), John Debney (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 23 Aug 2013 (India)

Tagline: Some see what's possible, others change what's possible.

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Did you know? There was no involvement from Apple towards this movie whatsoever. Read More
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as Steve Jobs
as Arthur Rock
as Steve Wozniak
as Ethan
as Hewlett-Packard Employee
as Joanna Hoffman
as Mac Designer
as Chris-Ann Brennan
as Helicopter Pilot
as Julie
as Lisa Jobs
as Young Lisa Jobs
as Paul Terrell
as Jeff Raskin
as Financial Expert
as Gareth Chang
as Student at Lounge
as Apple Engineer #2
as Al Alcorn
as Apple Executive
as Professor Andrews
as Mike Markkula
as Chris Espinosa
as Andy Hertzfeld
as Francis
as Jonathan Ive
as Apple Employee
as Rod Holt's Wife
as Jack Dudman
as Jobs' Attorney
as Atari Employee
as Paul Jobs
as 1980 News Caster
as Gil Amelio
as Apple Executive
as Jobs' Secretary
as Burrell Smith
as Clara Jobs
as Daniel Kottke
as Press Crew Member
as Jud
as John Sculley
as Design Engineer
as Bill Atkinson
as Carlos Kidd
as Mac Design Team Member
as Apple Employee
as Apple Receptionist
as Professor
as Rod Holt
as Apple Designer
as Homebrew Attendee
as Bill Fernandez
as Kurt Louis





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Some see what's possible, others change what's possible.
There was no involvement from Apple towards this movie whatsoever.

The movie primarily focuses on the early years of Apple, its founding and the up and down years: 1971 - 2000. Steve Wozniak, John Sculley, Mike Markkula, and Daniel Kottke have all been confirmed as characters in the movie.

Ashton Kutcher followed a fruitarian diet, similar to the reported diet of Steve Jobs, in preparation for his lead role. The diet caused Kutcher to land in the hospital with abnormal pancreatic levels just days before shooting began.