Dara Singh (1964)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 24 mins

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A wood-cutter by profession, Dara Singh lives a poor lifestyle in a village along with his widowed mother, sister - Lajjoo, and brother, Nazuk. One day he comes to the assistance of Raj Nartaki Madhumati, who rewards him a gold Mohar, which Dara refuses but Nazuk pockets. Nazuk is subsequently arrested by the Police for theft, and is released only when Dara forcibly abducts Madhumati to testify on his behalf. Subsequently Madhumati falls in love with Dara, much to the chagrin of Mahamantri, who arrests Dara, imprisons, then tortures him, and also attempts to crush him under the feet of an elephant albeit in vain. Dara manages to escape along with his mother, the Police come hunting for him, entrap Lajjoo and set their hut on fire. Lajjoo is rescued by a young man named Budhwa and both fall in love with each other. Shortly thereafter, Mahamantri abducts Dara's mother and holds her for ransom until Dara surrenders. Dara must now decide whether to protect himself or surrender and save his mother from the hands of Mahamantri - who has already killed the Maharaj and is all set to crown himself as Maharaj. Dara also does not know that Budhwa is not who he claims to be.

Cast: Dara Singh, Tun Tun

Crew: Kedar Kapoor (Director), Ranjodh Thakur (Director of Photography), Hansraj Behl (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1964 (India)

Hindi Name: डरा सिंह

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