Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

 ●  English ● 2 hrs 32 mins

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When Batman decides that Superman's presence is a threat to humankind, he travels to Metropolis for preemptive combat. However, when a new threat presents the bigger danger, they must stand together and fight to save the world.
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Cast: Amy Adams, Ben Affleck, Diane Lane, Henry Cavill

Crew: Zack Snyder (Director), Larry Fong (Director of Photography), Hans Zimmer (Music Director), Junkie XL (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India), PG13 (Singapore)

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Release Dates: 25 Mar 2016 (India), 24 Mar 2016 (Malaysia), 24 Mar 2016 (Singapore), 24 Mar 2016 (United Arab Emirates)

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Did you know? The producers state that this is the very first DC Comics film that opens up to a cinematic universe for its heroes: "Batman is being brought into the universe that now this Superman lives in Read More
All in one screen !!

as Lois Lane
as Bruce Wayne / Batman
as Martha Kent
as Clark Kent / Superman
as Flight Attendant
as DC Business Pedestrian
as Wayne Industries Pilot #1
as Metropolis Citizen #10
as Mule Herder
Supporting Actor
as CIA Special Ops
as Metropolis Pedestrian
as Young Bruce Wayne
as Wayne Security
as Protestor
as Anatoli Knyazev
as Glen Woodburn
Supporting Actor
as Major Farris
as Father Leone
as Drone Pilot
Supporting Actor
as Party Photographer
as Police Officer
as Heroes Park Tourist
as Lex Luthor's Girlfriend
as Senator Barrows
as Protester
as Jail Guard
as Truck
as Millitary Officer
as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
as Gotham Cop
as General Swanwick
as Daily Planet Reporter
as Party Doorman
as Senator Finch
as Wayne Industries Pilot #2
as Carmen
as Capitol Police Officer
as Aquaman / Arthur Curry
as Metropolis Cop #2
as Reporter at Monument
Supporting Actress
as Alfred
as Lex Luthor
as Jail Guard #1
as Pete Ross
as Kitchen Service Worker #2
as General Security Chief
as Pallbearer
as Daily Planet Reporter
as Metropolis Citizen #7
Supporting Actor
as Officer Mazzuccheli
as Wayne Financial Employee
as Martha Wayne
as Perry White
as Capitol Cop
as Jack O'Dwyer
as Bus Driver
as Reporter
as Police Officer
as On-Air Reporter
as Officer Rucka
as Jimmy Olsen
as Police Officer
as Factory Worker
as Football Player
as Colorado Woman
as Metropolis Citizen #6
Supporting Actress
as LeBlanc - Library President
as First Class Lady
as Hot Dog Vendor
as Emmet Vale
as Victor Stone / Cyborg
as Jenny
as Island Scientist
as US Marine Corps Joint Chief of Staff
as Sage
as Civilian
as Metroplis Driver
as Mule Herder
as General Amajagh
as Metropolis Cop #1
as Lex Corp Employee
as Wallace Keefe
as Cesar Santos
as Day Care Teacher
as Mercy Graves
as LexCorp Employee
as Metropolis Citizen #5
as Lawyer
Supporting Actor
as Rusty
as Kahina Ziri
as Metropolis Pedestrian


First Assistant Director
Second Unit Director
Second Assistant Director
Assistant Director


Screenplay Writer
Dialogue Writer

Camera and Electrical

Director of Photography
Still Photographer
Key Grip


Music Director
Music Label
Music Editor


Sound Designer
Sound Effects Designer
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Sound Re-recording Mixer
Sound Editor


Casting Associate
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Costume and Wardrobe

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Makeup and Hair

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6-Track 70mm, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Surround 7.1, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound
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This will be the tenth time Batman has been portrayed since 1943. Superman, on the other hand, has been portrayed sixteen times since 1939

This is the first theretical film to include Barry Allen/The Flash, Author Curry/Aquaman & Victor Stone/Cyborg

In the final trailer, Batman was shown to have a fighting style that is more acrobatic and aggressive. It can be compared to the fighting of the Batman: Arkham games, and to how he would fight in the comics

Michael Wilkinson described the updated Superman suit in the following manner, "There are some subtle differences in the belt, the buckle and the glyph (shield). Zack Snyder loved the idea that there is some Kryptonian script embedded in the suit (at the point where the deltoid meets the bicep). He gave me this fantastic quote that he wanted us to translate into the Kryptonian script and incorporate into the suit. The quote deals with the nature of power and the responsibility that comes with it

In the film I Am Legend (2007), there is a fake promotional poster for the film. Will Smith, who was the protagonist of the film, will be appearing as Deadshot in Suicide Squad (2016) which takes place in the same universe as this film

Superman's suit is considerably brighter, with the blue of the suit being lightened to suit the comic version. The yellow background behind the 'S' has been made into a bright gold. Certain patterns in the suit have changed also, notably on the 'S

This film marks the third time that the role of Batman has been played by an Oscar-winner (Ben Affleck won best Original Screenplay for Good Will Hunting (1997) and Best Picture for Argo (2012). Christian Bale won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in The Fighter (2010). George Clooney won for Best Supporting Actor in "Syriana", as well as Best Picture for "Argo" along with Affleck. And the second time that an Oscar winner has played his butler, Alfred, Jeremy Irons won Best Actor for playing Claus von Bülow in Reversal of Fortune (1990)) and Michael Caine won two Best Supporting Actors in "The Cider House Rules" & "Hannah & her Sisters"

Has a budget of $200-250 million US dollars

This will be Zack Snyder's third film with DC. His first being Watchmen, and his second being Man of Steel. Zack has signed on for two more movies to direct and those two are The Justice League part one and two

Batman's voice is modulated. Giving him a more unnatural and altered voice. This idea has been used in the CW's Arrow (2012), as a way to hide his identity

The film was originally scheduled for release in 2015, but was moved to 2016 to "allow the filmmakers time to realize fully their vision, given the complex visual nature of the story

Before Jesse Eisenberg was cast as Lex Luthor, Matt Damon, Bradley Cooper, Joaquin Phoenix, Adam Driver and Jean Dujardin were in the Warner Bros's list to play the part

Ben Affleck was originally offered to direct the predecessor, Man of Steel (2013), but turned down the offer saying he wasn't experienced in visual effects shots: "A lesson I've learned is to not look at movies based on budget, how much they'll spend on effects or where they will shoot. Story is what's important." He was later cast to portray Bruce Wayne/Batman in the sequel

Charles Roven revealed that at the time, there were 1500 visual FX shots, relatively little compared to other visual effects heavy superhero films

The reason for Batman taking on Superman is because in the events of Man of Steel (2013), a Wayne Financial building is destroyed. Bruce Wayne is also scared of what will happen if Superman decides to use his power for evil. People also view Superman as a False God, many believe him to be a hero however, Superman may also be conflicted as to what he wants to do

Ben Affleck is 18 months older than Christian Bale, marking the first time the actor taking on the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne is older than the actor who last played the role in a live action movie. All other Batman roles the actor succeeding the role has been younger than the actor who previously played the character. Val Kilmer took the role from Michael Keaton and he is 8 years younger. George Clooney, who is 18 months younger, took the role from Kilmer. Bale is 13 years younger than Clooney

Bradley Cooper, Chris Pine, Ryan Kwanten, Matthew Fox and Scott Porter were all linked for the role of Barry Allen/The Flash in a previous iteration. Ezra Miller was cast

According to Charles Roven, Ben Affleck was their first choice and the first person they went to for the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman

Ben Affleck stated in a interview that he had asked if he could have the batsuit when filming was complete. The producers said yes, but that he'd have to pay $100,000 in order to keep it. Affleck quickly changed his mind and asked if he could just take a picture with it instead

Ben Affleck will portray Batman in this film, Suicide Squad (2016), The Justice League Part One (2017), Untitled Batman Reboot, Justice League Part Two (2019), and possibly 2 sequels to the Untitled Batman Reboot

Jimmy Fallon once asked Ben Affleck what his daughters thought of him being Batman and he said, "They don't care. All they want to watch is Frozen (2013)

Hans Zimmer composed a separate theme for each superhero in this film (except for Batman), which is set to be featured in The Justice League Part One (2017) and in each superhero's standalone movie as well

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was considered for the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. He was subsequently given the role of Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne's father

Jason Momoa confirmed that his contract for DC was a 4-picture deal

Ben Affleck began working out two hours a day the very next day after he was cast as Batman, to get ready for the role

The batsuit that Ben Affleck wears is based on Batman's suit in the comic book "The Dark Knight Returns", written by Frank Miller

When Gal Gadot was asked by a reporter about how she would get Wonder Woman's breasts from the comics, she answered: "Wonder Woman is amazonian, and historically accurate Amazonian women actually had only one breast. So, if I'd really go 'by the book''d be problematic." Gadot practiced Kung Fu, kick boxing, sword fight, jujitsu and capoeira as part of her physical preparation for the role

The producers state that this is the very first DC Comics film that opens up to a cinematic universe for its heroes: "Batman is being brought into the universe that now this Superman lives in

This will be the first live action film to include Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman (or the Trinity) together

Michael Wilkinson, commenting on the design of the Batman look, said that, "Zack Snyder said that the most important thing for our Batman is that he come across as a really hulking big guy who's super pumped up. He's going to be even bigger than our Superman in silhouette. His strength is not through armor and gadgets, he's basically a tower of muscle. Zack is a huge fan of Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. And we looked a lot at that silhouette when we were creating our silhouette. The cowl I am super proud of. There's always been this huge thing about can he actually turn his head. It does allow full range of movement and he can do all his stunts in the cowl

After seeing his performance in Cloud Atlas (2012), the studio wanted Tom Hanks to portray Lex Luthor

Henry Cavill put on twice the amount of muscle mass for this film than he did for Man of Steel (2013). His trainer said that it was possible because Cavill had kept up a lot of his Superman fitness regiment in the break between the two films, so they were able to build on that foundation and achieve an even bigger body this time around

A rough cut of the film was shown for the executives at Warner Bros. They were reportedly so impressed that they not only gave the film a standing ovation, but also began negotiating a deal with Ben Affleck to have him make three solo Batman movies, rather than the original plan to make only one

The film was originally pitched in August 2001 by Andrew Kevin Walker, with Wolfgang Petersen to direct and Akiva Goldsman to script. Goldman's script had Bruce Wayne's fiancée slain by the Joker, which sends him on a revenge rampage and brings him into conflict with Superman who tries to stop him. The film was shelved, but in Goldsman's I Am Legend (2007), a teaser poster for the film (the Superman shield inside a bat) was seen in the opening scene

Ben Affleck gained an additional 20lbs of muscle and reached 8% body fat for his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Christian Bale mentioned in an interview that he felt like he wanted to continue playing Batman. He then jokingly said, "I'm jealous of someone else playing Batman." Bale portrayed Bruce Wayne/ Batman in the Dark Knight Trilogy

According to Ben Affleck, he was surprised when he was offered the Batman role and was at first hesitant to commit to it. He was won over after a meeting with director Zack Snyder, who pitched Affleck his vision of Batman and showed him concept art for the film

Ben Affleck asked Christian Bale for any advice he could give about playing Batman. Bale told him to "make sure you can piss in that suit." The two men met quite by accident in a costume shop. They were both buying a Batman costume for their kids

Ben Affleck put on 40 pounds for his role as Batman in the film, with a 5000 calories a day diet.

British actress Lucy Griffiths was considered for the role of Wonder Woman.

Executive producer Christopher Nolan directed a Batman-movie trilogy: Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012). This movie is a reboot from Nolan's Batman films.

This is the second superhero film that Ben Affleck has played a starring role. The first was as Matt Murdock/Daredevil in the film Daredevil (2003). Similar to Batman, Daredevil was also a martial artist and was driven to crime-fighting due to the death of a family member.

The title Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a reference to the Justice League.

Timothy Dalton was considered for Alfred Pennyworth.

Both Ben Affleck (Bruce Wayne/Batman) and Diane Lane (Martha Kent) appeared in Hollywoodland (2006), where Affleck portrayed George Reeves, the actor best known for playing Superman on television.

Gal Gadot is the first non-American actress to play Diana Prince/Wonder Woman.

For the role of Lex Luthor, Adam Driver auditioned but ultimately turned down the role due to scheduling conflicts and Joaquin Phoenix passed on the role.

Adam Driver, Penn Badgley and Ezra Miller auditioned for the role of Batman's sidekick Nightwing.

Jesse Eisenberg previously appeared in The Social Network (2010), which was co-produced by the previous Lex Luthor, Kevin Spacey.

A great deal of anticipation and excitement was created over the changes in the costumes of the superheroes, as they were aimed at exhibiting a sense of evolutionary refinement in the design. The changes were made after several stages of testing, with a thorough series of camera tests and final tweaks completed prior to shooting.

The director Zack Snyder, likes to fine tune the process of filming and requires a great deal of focus and concentration from his actors, which helps in creating intense and intimate moments that cannot be planned.

A third character with super-powers, Wonder Woman is also slated to play a role in this movie.

Actress Amy Adams had to try on more costumes than she ever has in her acting career so far, more than 200 costumes until the final choice was made.
Filming Start Date:
19 May 2014
Filming End Date:
05 Dec 2014