A Belly Full of Dreams (2006)

 ●  Telugu ● 1 hr 30 mins

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"A Belly full of Dreams" is about Ramu, a boy of 9 had a simple dream of going to school. As with everything in his life, he invested the dream in the belly of the puppet Narrator Know-it-all. Know-it-all, knowing it all, realized that the dream would lie wasted if he didn't talk about it and so began the fable of Ramu - a rag picker who carries the burden of supporting a lazy father, a sickly mother and a life not facilitating his immediate fundamental right - EDUCATION! As the narrative alternates between the puppet world and the real world, we follow Ramu in his travails, exploring both his physical and emotional journeys as he confronts a corrupt system that is threatening to destroy the Nation. Bruised and battered he struggled, but never gave up-his will so strong that it broke the universe from its slumber. The universe conspired to help and sends forth a tooth fairy; to unleash her magic, to set right a broken System and to revive the sagging Belly of the puppet Know-it-all. A magic so beautiful, that it made true the little boy's dream.

Cast: Sai Kumar

Crew: Prakash Kovelamudi (Director)

Genres: Fantasy

Release Dates: 01 Jun 2006 (India)

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as Ramu
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