Yendukilaa..? But, Why..? (TBA)

 ●  Telugu ● 8 mins

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In an increasingly westernised and materialistic India, this thought-provoking drama asks a pertinent question: 'in busy modern times where none has time to spare for any, what is happening to our age old / ancestral culture? Are we giving up on our values?' Through a dramatic depiction of an argument between between an Indian couple, husband and wife, this short film asks the question, 'why all this turmoil? Why have we changed so much from our traditional values, and become so insensitive and materialistic?'

Crew: Srikanth Appalaraju (Director)

Rating: Not Rated (India)

Genres: Drama, Family, Musical

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Film Type:
Short Film
Colour Info:
Aspect Ratio:
2.39:1 (Scope)