Vishwavijay (2016)

 ●  Hindi ● 27 mins

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Vishwavijay, an energetic youth and patriot, aims to get answers about the bomb blast from the dangerous criminal Mask, whom he interrogates using unique methods.
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Cast: Prashast Singh

Crew: Prashast Singh (Director), Prashast Singh (Director of Photography), Prashast Singh (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Action

Release Dates: 15 Jan 2016 (India)

Tagline: This Indian Army Day... Fight... In Army Style...

Hindi Name: विश्वविजय

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Based on 7 ratings
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Did you know? While shooting for the movie Vishwavijay ,Prashast had changed the storyline several times, and therefore the visuals in the teaser are different than those in the film Read More
*SPOILER*  Vishwavijay Movie Review: A brave effort that succeeded.

If you look at the visuals, then you'll surely get disappointed. But if you look at the film, its screenplay, and its execution, you'll feel that a lot of thought might have been put behind making this film. And since it makes you think, Vishwavijay succeeds in gripping you and turns out to be a good action thriller/crime drama with interesting elements.

Vishwavijay is the story revolving around a patriot of the same name who wants a guy (whom he considers a traitor) to reveal truth about & behind a bomb blast that just took place and killed many innocent people. He won't stop at anything and is determined to bring out the truth at any cost, and it's then that there comes a strange twist to the tale.

The film's writing is at times, complicated. Many might get confused at how the story of the film unfolds and the way it ends. But there are plenty type of twists and turns to keep you hooked to the edge of the seat. The action sequences are quite amazingly shot and look good despite of poor visual work but what disappoints is that it's not fully action packed. Though there are sufficient & well placed action scenes, largely because Prashast Singh had more of a story to tell, a few more could have made the fun bigger. But that's absolutely fine as Prashast doesn't compromise with the screenplay.

Technically, the film might not impress all. Many might just end up looking at the technical aspects only, eventually disliking it. But that's not the only thing one must look at. There's a story too. There's a soul too. And that indeed makes Vishwavijay work.

Prashast Singh has done a surprisingly amazing job, by handling each and every department (from writing to directing to filming to acting etc). We don't see such practices nowadays and thus it turns out to be way too impressive. He is easily likable when it comes to his acting: be it the fights, or the furious expressions, or the emotions of repentance and surprise, he carries it all well, on his shoulders. There's no other actor in this film, and it comes as another surprise that he has played every character by himself. How? Watch the film to find out.

Devoid of any regular commercial elements (there are no songs, or even a heroine), Vishwavijay never deviates from focusing on the storytelling. There aren't any unnecessary comedy tracks or subplots which one usually sees in movies nowadays, but this underrated gem can undoubtedly change the likes of people, provided that it gets support from viewers like us.

Though the film also captures a few locales well, it is shot largely in the interior of a house, moving from room-to-room. But it never makes us feel bored. The editing too is fine, as 27 minutes don't consume much of a time. The tension too is quite well-built. It's really a dark film but you do get some small bits of humour in a few scenes.

Vishwavijay is the first and rather best of its kind, and this thing can't be denied or ignored. The lack of proper publicity might have hindered its reach to a larger number of people, but it's never too late to watch a film like this, as it's available on Internet. Support from viewers can take this excellent pattern of filmmaking from a small screen to the big screen, and eventually, to the hearts of viewers.

And if you find some time, do watch the special commentary on the making of the film by Prashast Singh.

Rating: 8/10

Found it entertaining, don't go by the negative reviews.

Some people always know how to defame good films. Sadly, one of those
sufferers is this movie too. Vishwavijay is a film which has been
criticized for poor visuals. They didn't look at the other side of the
film which indeed needed to be seen. Yes, it's not a very excellent or
perfect film but is nowhere as bad as being written off by many.

For making a film like Vishwavijay, one needs a lot of courage. Largely
because such films are always subject to criticism from people who see
cinema only as a medium of entertainment. If you need an out and out
entertaining film, then this one isn't your cup of tea.

But if you need a film which is both entertaining and socially
relevant, then do watch this film. You'll love the acting, the
dialogues, the screenplay, the fights and almost everything. What else
do you want?

Good for family viewing: Yes

Good to watch again: Yes

Rating: 4/5

as Vishwavijay/Bhaskar/Mask




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24 fps
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Music Director: Prashast Singh
Lyricist: Prashast Singh
This Indian Army Day... Fight... In Army Style...
Filming Locations:
The film was given a U certificate by the Central Board of Film Certification without any cuts

Prashast Singh had kept editing the film for three months after watching it

Earlier the film was planned to be dubbed and released in Tamil and Telugu, but due to some technical problems, the idea was scrapped

It did not cost any amount of money for making this film

The film's dialogues were not pre-written and were developed on the spot

While shooting for the movie Vishwavijay ,Prashast had changed the storyline several times, and therefore the visuals in the teaser are different than those in the film

This film doesn't have any songs, instead it contains a special album comprising of three poems and a silent tribute created for the film

Prashast Singh played all the characters himself in this film

This is the first movie of Prashast Singh as an actor, director, writer, producer, action director, cinematographer, dialogue writer, composer etc