Uriyadi (2016)

 ●  Tamil ● 2 hrs 6 mins

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A group of engineering students get trapped in a scheme related to a caste-based outfit that wants to grow into a political party.
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Uriyadi Review : Rise of the independent cinema

Movie : Uriyadi

Rating : 4/5

Having heard a lot about this film, I decided to watch it. After watching URIYADI, I felt it's nothing short of a good film by a powerful filmmaker. Vijay Kumar has his command on the story and screenplay well. There's no doubt that he acts well too. A political action thriller, URIYADI is an attempt to change audience's view towards the genre.

URIYADI is not for those who like completely mass oriented films or for those who don't usually like political films. Even I don't like political films much. Here, URIYADI is an exception.

Backed by Vijay Kumar and team, URIYADI runs well with pace and thrill in the first half. Bring only 90 minutes long in duration, the film doesn't have any usual dull moments. The interval blockade is the most terrific part that I found apart from the climax.

The story and screenplay run parallel to brilliance, if not excellence. The editing is fine. Dialogues are well delivered and the camera work too is fine. The message conveyed by Vijay is well understood. The music by Masala Coffee is good and is placed accordingly.

As mentioned before, the first half is easily understood and runs at a good pace with interesting scenes. But it's in the second half that the film begins to slow down until the final showdown. There are no dull moments, but the scenes after the second half begins aren't too compelling or interesting. But the film regains its pace in its last 20 minutes, leading to a terrific ending that you won't soon forget after watching the film.

Overall, URIYADI is a well crafted action thriller film that though has some flaws, yet manages to entertain without much of delay. It's not about who watches it (The director mentioned his film is not for the faint- hearted due to violence), but it's about how, from what viewpoint one watches it.

A great movie

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