Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

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This action-packed, futuristic sci-fi thriller is set three years after the events of the 2009 film, with the Autobots, during their collaboration with the NEST (Nonbiological Extraterrestrial Species Treaty) military force, discovering a hidden alien technology in possession of humans, which had been found by Apollo 11 on the Moon 42 years earlier. However, the Decepticons unveil a plan to use the technology to enslave humanity in order to restore Cybertron, the home planet of the Transformers. Can the Autobots team up with humans to destroy Cybertron, and defeat the Decepticons?
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Did you know? Wheeljack is modeled after Albert Einstein, and his personality was modeled after the Disney character Ludwig Von Drake. Read More
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Earth goes dark
Mankind's finest achievement. Our nation's proudest moment. A secret hidden for forty years.
Earth's last stand
The fight for our freedom begins
The battles are over. The war begins.
The invasion begins
The invasion we always feared. An enemy we never expected.
Character Error
Lennox says there are aircraft leaving from Grissom Air Force Base, heading to Chicago. Grissom hasn't been an Air Force Base for almost 15 years. He should have said Grissom Air Reserve Base.

Character Error
When Mearing asks for her Hermes BIRKIN, green, ostrich bag her secretary hands her a green KELLY instead.

In the start of the movie when Sam is holding Brains, the small robot, looking for a box to put him in, a shot of Carly shows Sam in the background holding his arm out with nothing in it. In the next shot the robot reappears and Sam puts it in the box he has found.

When Wang meets Sam for the first time and they run into the toilet Sam has no jacket on. When they come out of the toilet he has a black jacket on, then when Sam gets to his desk, no jacket again.

The side of Megatron's head which has been damaged switches during shots in the fight scenes, suggesting mirror imagery.

When Carly is first brought to Chicago, she has straight hair, light shirt, and white jacket. When Sam rescues her, her outfit has changed and her hair is now wavy. Her clothes continuously change throughout the movie during long scenes when she would have no way to switch outfits.

Errors in Geography
Shia LaBeouf's character is seen living in an apartment in Washington D.C. In various scenes where he is outside in the back alley, you can tell there are skyscrapers. However, there are no skyscrapers near Washington D.C.

Errors in Geography
During the freeway attack outside Washington, D.C., one of the signs that is destroyed reads "West Interstate 88, Aurora". That portion of Interstate 88 runs from the western suburbs of Chicago to the Iowa border, and is nowhere near D.C.

Errors in Geography
During the freeway attack outside Washington, D.C., one of the overhead freeway signs that is destroyed reads "Business Route 20, State Street". That sign corresponds to an Interstate's 39 & 90 exit at Rockford Illinois. U.S. Route 20 runs across the northern United States, nowhere near Washington, D.C.

Factual Mistake
When the Autobots visit the moon, the original Apollo 11 moon lander is shown with the ascent stage (the upper part) still attached. The ascent stage was used to return the crew into lunar orbit, so only the descent stage (lower part) should be still there.

Factual Mistake
The film depicts Neil Armstrong's first step on the moon as the moment when he hops from the ladder. During the actual Apollo 11 moon landing, Neil Armstrong jumped onto the bottom of the ladder and then slowly placed his left foot (the film depicts his right) onto the lunar surface.

Factual Mistake
In one shot during the opening Apollo 11 montage, the Command/Service Module zooms past the camera, by itself, en route to the Moon. The Lunar Module should have been docked to its nose.

Factual Mistake
As the Ark is on the far side of the moon, Earth shouldn't be visible from there, but while the astronauts approach it to investigate a "cresent Earth", it is clearly visible on the top-right hand side of the frame.
When Megan Fox dropped out shortly before filming began, Gemma Arterton, Ashley Greene, Brooklyn Decker, Miranda Kerr, Bar Refaeli, Amber Heard, Camilla Belle, Katie Cassidy, Heidi Montag and Anna Kendrick were all rumored to replace her before Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was cast.

To film the skydiving sequence, Michael Bay attached cameras to the divers' helmets to capture their descent into Chicago.

Michael Bay swore that the Autobot Twins Skids and Mudflap would not be in the film, and promised $25000 to whoever could spot them. However, they do appear in one scene: when Director Mearing arrives at NEST.

The Driller was composed of 70,000 pieces. It required ILM to use up its entire render farm and took 122 hours per frame (288 hours in the the Driller's attack on the skyscraper).

Megatron is the only Transformer to have a different alt mode in each film.

The idea of Apollo 11 being connected to the discovery of the Transformers had been previously put forth in the Transformers (2007) tie-in prequel novel 'Ghosts of Yesterday'.

According to ILM, the company employed its entire rendering machinery to use on the film. This added up to using more than 200,000 rendering hours per day, the equivalent of 22.8 years of render time in 24 hours.

Michael Bay reused a car crash scene from The Island (2005) after an extra was seriously injured during the original shot for this film. It's the scene in the Highway Battle when Hatchet is thrown into a car.

Patrick Dempsey was cast by chance after bumping into Michael Bay at a Ferrari launch event in Los Angeles. Bay was still looking for someone to play Dylan and asked if Dempsey would accept the role. He agreed, mainly (he was quoted) because he has never worked on big budget movie. Bay then told him to come early on the set the next day.

When Bumblebee transforms at the end of the film the The Transformers (1984) transformation sound is heard.

Wheeljack is modeled after Albert Einstein, and his personality was modeled after the Disney character Ludwig Von Drake.

Laserbeak's alternate mode in The Transformers (1984) was a tape cassette, but that was considered old-fashioned. He instead retains his robotic condor form.

It took 288 hours to render one frame of the Driller, along with the building he coiled around and dropped down.

The "boom-sticks" that Que gives to the humans are, if you look closely, almost identical in design to Jazz's feet from the first movie. They recycle pretty much the exact same pieces, only in a smaller scale.

When the employee is pushing the buttons on the photocopier that later transforms into Laserbeak, the distinct tones of the copier form the title theme song of The Transformers (1984).

The Autobots Wheeljack and Bumblebee, who are taken as prisoners near the end of the movie, were the first Transformers ever featured in a movie or cartoon.

US$1 million was spent during the two days of filming at the Milwaukee Art Museum, which served as Dylan Gould's museum.

The character Mirage got renamed to Dino not only because of Ferrari's insistence, but also because Mattel holds the rights for making Ferrari toys and models, and they didn't want "their car" to bear the name of a character owned by their rival toy-company Hasbro.

Carly gifts Sam a rabbit toy. This toy is an obscure allusion to Beast Wars Second: Chô seimeitai Transformer (1998), which featured a celestial rabbit named Moon, who lived on the moon.

The word "transformer" is heard only once in the film: it is used by Lennox when explaining to Mearing how Sentinel Prime will be revived.
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