Three Aces (2004)

 ●  Hindi ● Running Time: TBA

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Tughlaq, a compulsive gambler is released from the prison one winter afternoon. Walking on the streets, savoring the fresh air of freedom he meets a mystic who, in exchange for a meal reveals the plans of the stars to him. TODAY IS GOING TO BE THE LUCKIEST DAY OF HIS LIFE! What does a gambler need apart from the fifty-two cards of destiny? Luck! And he has it today in full glory. But it seems life is never without a strange sense of irony! All the gambling dens in the area have been shut down by the new commissioner. As the cold winter sunlight begins to fade away into darkness so does his hope to make most of the luckiest day of his life. But like to every twist there is a turn, a friend tells him about one gambling den which will be open. The Chinese theater! Tughlaq along with his friend straight heads to the Chinese theater to fulfill the desires of the auspicious stars. And indeed it is his luckiest day today and not just at cards but even in the matter of heart. His stars are unbeatable and in a short period he strips the entire den of all its money. Ecstatic with joy they leave the den. But it seems the game of the stars is not over yet. Balli, his most feared enemy is waiting at the end of the road to meet him to settle an old score.

Cast: Deepak Dobriyal

Crew: Sanjay Sharma (Director), Mahendra Shetty (Director of Photography), Jolly Jose (Music Director)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 01 Jan 2004 (India)

Hindi Name: थ्री ऐसेस

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