The Secret Life of Objects (2009)

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This is an exploration of the dynamics of male desire in the postmodern world replete with objects and it's inherent relationship with fantasy. In constructing our fantasy version of reality we establish co-ordinates for our desire, we situate ourselves and the object of our desire in a popular accessible context. But at the heart of desire is a realization of it's transience and the object of our desire to be contingent, to be only a screen of our narcissistic projections. The protagonist is a typical young and successful business executive, with a picture perfect life, a lavish house in a scaled down version of the American suburbia, a brand conscious wife, a cute daughter, this is what everyone from his social background aspires for, but there is a deep sense of resignation which has crept upon him, his only antidote to this predicament is an escape into a fantasy world which is perpetuated around images and objects that he encounters in his daily life and secretly constructs and validates this imaginary world to seek solace in his empty life. He fetishises various objects, particularly female attire and builds his fantasy around them but he is perpetually haunted by his fantastic creations, his object of fantasy though alluring also disorients him. His fantasy world leads him into a dark macabre world of visual and auditory hallucinations, discarded objects return to haunt him, his sense of time and space gets jumbled up, this nightmarish dimension grows upon him. The journey takes the audience into the spiraling vortex, into a world which lies between the space of fantasy and reality, into a world of dark secrets and tries to raise a larger question, does the postmodern world reduce human beings into mere objects?
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