The Migration (2011)

 ●  Bengali ● 1 hr 44 mins

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Mr. Adinath Mukherjee , renowned psychiatrist leads a happy life with his family. He shares a loving relationship with his little granddaughter. A man of strong ethics, Adinath is on a mission to submit a thesis that will elucidates the amalgamation of psychology and physiology. But he is misunderstood and humiliated by society. Emotionally shattered Adinath starts suffering from a psychological disease called dementia. One day he forgets the way to his residence and becomes a vagabond. He roams here and there in a state of hallucination. After ten long years his young granddaughter sets out on journey to find her beloved grandpa. The film captures a painstaking Journey of a man in search of his of origin while living in a state of delirium.

Crew: Indranil Banerjee (Director)

Genres: Drama, Family

Release Dates: 01 Jan 2011 (India)

Bengali Name: টি মাইগ্রেশন

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