The Intouchables (2012)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 52 mins

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Witty and wise, this soulful drama delves into the dreary and depressing life of Philippe, a quadriplegic, who has lost everything precious to him in life despite being a millionaire. Then, like a breath of fresh air, Driss, an impoverished young man of African origin arrives to bring hope, friendship and vitality back into his life. Driss, after spending several hours waiting for a job interview as Philippe's caregiver, rudely barges in to take Philippe's signature so that he may avail of his unemployment benefits. An intrigued Philippe challenges him to work for a trial period of one month to see if he can take up the responsibility of being Philippe's caregiver. When dire circumstances in Driss' personal life drive him into accepting the challenge, the relationship that builds between these two unlikely friends will shatter all limitation and positively impact both their lives irrevocably.
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Cast: Anne Le Ny, Francois Cluzet, Omar Sy

Crew: Eric Toledano (Director), Olivier Nakache (Director), Mathieu Vadepied (Director of Photography), Ludovico Einaudi (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India)

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Release Dates: 13 Jul 2012 (India)

Tagline: Sometimes you have to reach someone else's world to find what's missing in your own.

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Did you know? 9 weeks after its release, it became the second most successful French film. Welcome to the Sticks (2008) is the most successful. Read More
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Sometimes you have to reach someone else's world to find what's missing in your own.
One man brought a family together...and changed their lives forever.
When Philippe isn't wearing an ascot to cover his tracheotomy scar, the size of that scar changes noticeably from one occasion to the next.

(1:15) Philippe and Driss are talking on the phone and for Philippe it's daylight while for Driss it's nighttime. They are in the same city.

At the art gallery, when Philippe asked Driss to give him an M&M, Driss reached out and gave him the green one. By the next shot, the candy given to Philippe's mouth is yellow.

When Driss is getting ready to leave the mansion after Phillipe fires him he is seen putting the baby monitor around his neck. In the next scene the monitor is gone, and when we see him next in the foyer it's around his neck again.

There are two different Maseratis used in the film. In the opening scene, there is a different car used for the fast part of the car chase - notably a Quattroporte GTS 4.2 that can be identified by a chrome mesh grill and four exhausts. At the part where they are stopped by the police, a different front grill can be seen with vertical segments, and when they drive off two large exhausts are visible. It is one of the 4.7 versions of the Quatroporte. The 4.7 version of the car is again shown when later Driss gets in the car for the first time.

During Philippe's birthday party, when Driss is asking Yvonne about Magalie, Yvonne keeps finishing her pastry in one shot and then has it again in the next shot; this happens 3 times.

The scene where Driss comes to get his document, you can see one signal for "jour et nuit" outside the mansion. However, the scene when Driss beat the neighbor, you can see another signal there.

Errors in Geography
Driving north to Dunkirk at the end would have taken place in the morning after their night adventure. The sun would have been rising in the east, instead of setting in the west. So, either the time of day is wrong, or the direction they are driving.

Factual Mistake
When the police car first appears behind Driss, you can hear a short burst of the siren, which is clearly an American-inspired tone (also used in UK etc.) This is not possible, because the French police only use one very recognizable tone. When the pursuit begins, the police car has the recognizable and correct French siren tone.

Revealing Mistakes
When Driss is first learning how to care for Philippe, we learn that Philippe can't sit upright by himself. However, the strap that is used to hold Philippe upright in his wheelchair sits so low on his waist that it couldn't possibly support his torso.

Revealing Mistakes
In short scene where tailors are measuring Driss for new suit, Philippe and Driss exchange few words while Philippes both feet (or legs) are moving shortly up and down even tho' he is quadriplegic.

Revealing Mistakes
When paragliding, Driss can be seen holding a stick in his right hand that the camera, for close up shots, is attached to.

Revealing Mistakes
When paragliding, the shadow of a cameraman is briefly visible over Driss.
Although the real-life 'Driss' was a young Algerian man called Abdel, directors Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache changed the character's nationality to West-African, as they had enjoyed working with Omar Sy on Tellement proches (2009), and really wanted him to play the part. Sy also had the experience of living in the impoverished French suburbs, just like Driss.

With 8.8 million moviegoers, this was the most successful film in Germany in 2012 (beating the likes of Skyfall (2012), Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012). It is the most successful French film in German cinema history.

9 weeks after its release, it became the second most successful French film. Welcome to the Sticks (2008) is the most successful.

The official entry of France to the Best Foreign Language Film at the 85th Academy Awards 2013.

The sports car Driss is driving for Philippe is a Maserati Quattroporte.

Became the most successful French movie in the Netherlands, beating the previous record holder, Sarah's Key (2010).