The Death Charmers (2012)

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The Kalbelia is a gypsy-like tribe living in Thar desert in Rajasthan region. Although they belong to nomadic Jogi castes, very few of them still lead a nomadic lifeslyle. Traditionally known for their skills as snake charmers, the Kalbelias tame their snakes by playing a traditional wind instrument - a poongi - while staring into the snake's eyes and weaving gently back and forth. The same instrument together with the drum khanjari accompanies women in their dance. It is said that the movement of snakes is reflected in the sinuous style of their dances. They perform at a variety of ceremonies and their art seduce people all over the world.

Crew: Sergey Yastrzhembsky (Director)

Genres: Drama, Biography

Release Dates: 01 Jan 2012 (India)

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Documentary Feature
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