The Brothers Grimsby (2016)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 23 mins

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A new assignment forces a top secret agent to team up with his football hooligan brother.
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Did you know? A number of residents of Grimsby were angry with Cohen portraying their town as a rubbish-strewn, violent ghetto in which drunks urinate from windows and mothers hand children cans of beer in the street Read More
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as Lina Smit
as Sebastian
as Rhonda George
as Dawn Grobham
as Spa Therapist
as Tiger Tail Agent
as Special Branch Agent
as Drunk Raver
as Football Announcer #2
as Giles Wareham
as Tabansi Nyagura
as News Reporter
as Reporter
as Britney
as Young Guard
as Limo Driver
as Football Announcer #1
as Joris Henchman #1
as Mercenary
as Special Branch Agent
as Cottee's Barman
as Black Gareth
as Tiger Tail Agent 1
as Special Branch Agent
as Football Fan
as Senior Analyst
as Royal Box Member
as Bodyguard
as Mrs Wearham
as African Woman
as Audience member
as Tsunami
as Banu the Cleaner
as Young Sebastian
as Special Branch Agent
as Joris Henchman #2
as Policeman
Supporting Actor
as Jodie Figgis
as Paramedic / VIP / Football Fan
as Assassin
as Noam Popper
as Shouting Woman
as Priest
as Laura Bobin
as Supporter
as Bob Tolliver
as Milky Pimms
as Jason
as Head of Security
as Javier Alvarez
as Tiger Tail Agent
as Close protection Secret Service
as Journalist
as Paparazzi
as Stella Artois
as 1980's Police officer
as Business Woman
as Drunk Chav
as Steven Marber
as Special Branch Agent
as Doris
as Arresting Officer
as Tigertail Security Officer
as German Football Supporter
as WorldCure Conference Delegate
as Tiger Tail Agent
as Security Guard
as Policeman #2
as Tiger Tail Agent
as Receptionist
as Joris Smit
as Dignitary
as German Fan
as Tiger Tail Agent
as Football Fan
as Clive Graves
as Traffic Warden
as Vicar
as Raheem Sterling
as Lady at Worldcure Event
as Paedo Pete
as Harold Lowsley
as James Thurbeck
as Grimsby Supporter
as Snookerball Kid
as Jeremy Chilcott
as Officer on Megaphone
as Pavel Lukashenko
as Analyst #1
as Bald Man
as 1980's Football Fan
as Pub Regular
as Carla
as Football fan in pub
as Security Guard
as Grimsby Pub Regular
as Grimsby Person
as Schlomo Khalidi
as Luke


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This secret agent is the total package.
Behind every hero is an embarrassing sibling
One secret agent. One complete idiot.
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Spoofs: Despicable Me 2 (English)
Errors in Geography
The train pulling into Grimsby Town is the type used by the C2C service, which is the London Fenchurch Street to Southend line, also in South East Essex

Errors in Geography
Nobby goes quite a distance to buy his mattress at the beginning of the film, as the bus he gets on goes via Grays, and that particular service and route is in South East Essex.
Rhonda George is the actual name of Mr Cohen's personal assistant. Penelope Cruz plays a fictional character in the film called Rhonda Georg

Some of the scenes from Grimsby were actually filmed in Tilbury, Essex

Sacha Baron Cohen plays the part of the older brother of Mark Strong's character but is in fact 8 years younger than him

The referee in the final football match of the tournament is an actual professional referee, Jabulani Mahono, who officiates in the South African Premier Soccer League and National First Division matches

On February 13, 2014, the film moved from Paramount Pictures to Columbia Pictures and it was announced that the film would be released on July 31, 2015. On January 21, 2015, the film's release date was moved back to February 26, 2016. The film will now be released on March 4, 2016

Sacha Baron Cohen's character's look (most particularly the hair and sideburns) is heavily reflective of that of Liam Gallagher, frontman of world famous rock band Oasis, of the 90's - 00's

The stadium in "Santiago" is actually the Cape Town Stadium, where the FIFA World Cup semi-final between Netherlands and Uruguay took place in 2010

Many of the scenes that are set in Santiago, Chile were actually filmed in Cape Town, South Africa.

Once this film was announced, the mayor of Grimsby produced a promotional film showing that Grimsby was in fact a nice place to live, and not as depicted in Cohen's movie

None of the shots in Grimsby were actually shot in the town, they were all shot in Essex. Cohen never asked to shoot in the town

A number of residents of Grimsby were angry with Cohen portraying their town as a rubbish-strewn, violent ghetto in which drunks urinate from windows and mothers hand children cans of beer in the street

Cohen calls Scott Adkins' character 'Ukrainian Ben Affleck'. Scott Adkins actually auditioned for the role of Batman in 'Batman v Superman', a role that ultimately went to Ben Affleck
Filming Start Date:
04 Nov 2014