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Never Ever Judge Anyone in Your life on their lifestyle !

#Tharamani ...A must watch movie for all ! Whatever age you are or segment ..please do watch it to know the current scenario of the current life !

Taramani also attempts to remind people about how life should be lived — the need to empathize even with animals, the need to protect our ecology, the importance in letting others live — all in a non-preachy way. It also delves deep into ‘complex’ issues like globalization, demonetization, ego, desire, greed, lust, hypocrisy, compassion, frustration and more.

#Andrea has done a wonderful role in showing .." Never judge anyone on their looks or their way their work or lifestyle" ..YOU DUNNO WHAT IS BEHIND ...So never ever be judgmental of a woman ...never ever whomever it may be !

#Cimematography within a restricted area is simply out of the blue and #Yuvan factor is back and has you in the edges of the seat for some scenes where only music does and talks !

An awesome and natural performance by Vasanth Ravi and not to forgot our director ...our status update..#Ram !

A movie to leave you intrigued ! A must watch movie whatever segment you are ! Dunno why an #A was given but surely a must watch movie !

Tharamani : Bold and deserves huge accolades

Director Ram is known to give movies that goes deep into our heart. He has already given two memorable movies 'Katradhu Tamil' and 'Thangameengal' and now here comes the third 'Taramani', a masterpiece from the man himself . The message that he has delivered is bold and clear. To know more about this flick, read our review below:

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A realistic story with some heavy screenplay

Disclaimer : This movie is not for the faint hearted!

When the movie is directed by "Ram", there is always high expectations. This movie is something really different. Ram has shown the IT culture, the current way of life of our youngsters in a very realistic way. The subject is heavy, but its the TRUTH! I have experienced something similar in my life, so it was something very difficult to digest. The hero and andrea have acted their part perfectly. The cast has come together perfectly.

Verdict - Do not miss this movie especially if your an IT employee. The message might be heavy, but this is what is happening in today's world. KUDOS to director RAM.