Shesh Uttar (1942)

 ●  Bengali ● Running Time: TBA

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The rich, self-absorbed and, to hi family, deranged Manoj (Barua) is sent to his future father-in-law for a rest cue. However, he loses his way and is offered shelter by a railway station-master with whose daughter he falls in love. The poor, earthy and wordly-wise Meena (Kanan Devi) is contrasted with the hero's rich fiancee and strident feminist Reba (Jamuna) and the eventual confrontation between the two women provides the justification for Manoj's decision to marry the former. The original story was written as a rejoinder to Saratchandra's Shesh Prashna, attacking his alleged feminism. The film established Murlidhar Chatterjee's new company as one of the foremost producers of socials in Bengali cinema. The Hindi version included classic Kanan Devi numbers such as Toofan and Kuch yaad rahe to sun kar jaa. The famous song in Bengali was Ami bonophool go.

Cast: Kanan Devi, Pramathesh Barua

Crew: Pramathesh Barua (Director), Kamal Dasgupta (Music Director)

Genres: Drama, Family

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1942 (India)

Bengali Name: শেষ উত্তর

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