Secrets, Dreams, Faith and Wonder: Mass for the New Millennium (TBA)

 ●  English ● Running Time: TBA

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'Secrets, Dreams, Faith and Wonder' is a feature-length abstract music/video ritual of thanksgiving in five parts: (1) a lament of surrender (Jerusalem's Secrets), (2) the reading of the lesson (Leur Songe de la Paix), (3) the celebration of the ritual (Evigt Droem), (4) the recitation of the creed (Credo), and (5) a hymn of benediction (Ora penso...). When looked at this way, it follows the structure of rituals of gratitude celebrated throughout the ages and across cultures and religions. The five pieces of music incorporate voices in Latin, English and Arabic (texts from the Bible, by M. L. King and M. K, Gandhi) as well as bird and whale songs. Each of the videos was made to fit the music of the respective movement.

Genres: Drama

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