Satyaghath: Crime Never Pays (2003)

 ●  Hindi ● 1 hr 43 mins

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Hari Kishan, a Telugu speaking young man comes to improve his lifestyle in Bombay, and begins to reside in the notorious slums of Kamathipura. Here he comes face to face with gangsters who operate under full police protection, while the innocent pay a weekly fee as "hafta" to both the police and these gangsters - just to keep on living. Hari speaks to a political leader named Mudaliar, who in turn openly admonishes one of his henchmen, Abbas Ali. In turn Abbas decides to change sides, and moves to gangster Amar Bakia's side, and once there gets all the necessary support to kill Mudaliar. Mudaliar is shot dead in broad daylight. Hari witnesses this shooting, and avenges Mudaliar's death by killing Abbas. Now there is another gangster on the block - and his now known as Hari Dada. But Hari wants to be a gangster with a difference, and does not penalize the poor and the needy, and does away with the hafta system, thus incurring the wrath of Amar and the police. Hari is in love with a prostitute named Kiran, and would to marry her. When Amar offers Hari a partnership, Hari refuses, and Amar attempts to induce a member from Hari's gang to kill him, as he had arranged for Mudaliar. The person he has chosen is Hari's close friend and confidant.. Will Hari meet the same fate as Mudaliar, or will he compromise with Amar and the police?
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Cast: Mohanlal, Padma Khanna

Crew: Priyadarshan Nair (Director), Dinesh Telkar (Director of Photography), Ravindra Jain (Music Director)

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

Release Dates: 01 Jan 2003 (India)

Hindi Name: सत्यघटः क्राइम नेवर पायस

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Did you know? This is the dubbed version of the 1991 Malayalam film 'Abhimanyu'. Read More
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This is the dubbed version of the 1991 Malayalam film 'Abhimanyu'.