Renee Victor

Actress ● Supporting Actress

American actress Renee Victor is best known for her role as Lupita in the popular TV series 'Weeds'. Born in San Francisco, Renee attended the prestigious all-girls St. Teresa's, St. Mary's and Divine Providence Academies. Renée's professional career as a singer/dancer began in Las Vegas at the Stardust Hotel and her international success as a performer led to repeated contracts around the world, setting the stage for more critically-acclaimed television appearances, cabaret engagements, commercials and finally a stint hosting her own popular television musical-variety show in Australia. She had set her sights on acting and she soon began landing some very choice roles with notable parts as the Hispanic-Evangelical interpreter in the critically acclaimed 2003 film 'The Apostle'. In 2017, Renee Victor had lent her voice as Miguel's stern Abuelita Elena in the popular Disney-Pixar animated film Coco.

Born on: 15 June, 1953

English 2017