Our Lady of Lourdes (2013)

 ●  English ● Running Time: TBA

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This period film is based on the life of Bernedette Soubirous, Saint Bernadette. Born into a humble family that gradually fell into extreme poverty, Bernadette had always been a frail child with an asthma problem.One cold day, Bernadette set out to gather firewood along with her sister and her friend against her mother Louise's advice. Bernadette unexpectedly sees a vision of a beautiful lady in a grotto that has created an everlasting impression on her. So mesmerized is Bernedette that she keeps returning to see this beautiful lady. She asks Bernadette to visit her for fifteen days and promises her happiness in the other world. Bernedette's parents and friends accompany her to the grotto at Massabielle but they cannot follow her conversation with the lady, as she is only visible to Bernadette. The administrators feel threatened by Bernadette's rising popularity and feel that she is misleading public. They try to scare Bernadette but her polite and confidant replies puzzle them. Upon the request of Father Peyramale, Bernadette requests the lady to perform a miracle. This was his condition to construct a chapel in honour of the lady. The beautiful lady gifts a spring whose water has healing powers! Soon people assumed that Bernadette has supernatural powers and began troubling her with their personal problems and aspirations. Disliking the attention she was attracting, Bernadette joined the Sisters of Charity at Nevers, France to serve the underprivileged for the rest of her life
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