Neeyat (1980)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 33 mins

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Vijay, Ajay and Jeet are three best friends who are inseparable. Jeet's father Mohanlal is a corrupt businessman who plans to destroy his son's friends. Ajay is a police officer and Mohanlal disapproves of jeets friendship with him. Vijay's brother Arvind is on the verge of exposing Mohanlal's corruption through his media outlet, ends up getting killed by Mohanlal's men. Vijay, ajay and jeet meet a woman named Rekha under different situations and they all love her. While Mohanlal arranges for jeet to marry rekha, in the intent to separate the friends. Rekha's father opposes due to her wish to marry Vijay. Jeet finds out about Vijay-rekha affair and the friends go up against each other. While jeet informs Vijay the truth about his brother's death. Vijay intends to kill Mohanlal. During the process Vijay gets accidentally involved in a murder, and Ajay is assigned to capture him. Will the real criminal be captured and punished or wil one friend be forced to choose between his duty and moral binding??

Cast: Jeetendra Kapoor, Rekha Ganesan, Shashi Kapoor

Crew: Anil Ganguly (Director), Anandji Virji Shah (Music Director), Kalyanji Virji Shah (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Drama, Family

Release Dates: 05 Sep 1980 (India)

Hindi Name: नीयत

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