Nala Damayanti (1920)

 ●  Silent ● Running Time: TBA

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Big-budget film featuring Madan's star, Patience Cooper as Damayanti and Adajani as Nala in an often filmed episode from the Mahabharata, relying on special effects, moving from 'Narada's Ascent of Mount Meru to Swarga, the Heaven of Indra, the Transformation in the Clouds of the Four Gods into impersonations of King Nala, Swan Messengers of Love, the Transformation of Kali, the Demon of Evil, into a Serpent, the Meeting of Kali and Dwapor and the Four Gods amidst the Blue Air' etc., according to a Times of India advert. De Liguoro, who also played Pushkar, was known in Italy for his Orientalist spectacles (e.g. Fascino d'Oro, 1919).
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Short Film
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Black & White
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