Men in Black II (2002)

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Fast-paced and fantastic, this action packed spy thriller is set It has been four years since the alien-seeking agents averted an intergalactic disaster of epic proportions. Kay has since returned to the comforts of civilian life while Jay continues to work for the Men in Black, the highly funded yet unofficial government agency that regulates all things alien on earth. before Earth is destroyed completely. In 1978, a race of aliens came to Earth and asked the MIB to help protect their greatest treasure which they call "the Light" which is a source of awesome power. But it's not in their mandate to do that so they tell them they can't and send them away. In the present day, Serleeena an alien who wants the light comes to Earth because she suspects that the MIB did hide it. So she goes to MIB headquarters and takes it over. Zed tells J, that he has to get K who was the one who dealt with the aliens in 1978, to come back. However, problem is that K's memory has been erased so when J tells him, he doesn't believe him but J eventually convinces him. So they head back so that he could be deneuralized but since Serleena took over the HQ where the deneuralizer is, they have to find another one. They eventually do and restore his memory but problem is K doesn't remember what happened to the light. But because of some clues K planted, they try to figure out what happened to the light. Will they succeed in saving planet Earth once more?
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Cast: Tommy Lee Jones

Crew: Barry Sonnenfeld (Director)

Genres: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Release Dates: 03 Jul 2002 (India)

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Did you know? When J & K are watching the Light of Zartha video in Newton's room, J comments on the corny video, saying "Looks like Spielberg's work". The film's executive producer is Steven Spielberg. Read More
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Revealing Mistakes
In the two exterior shots of the diner, the same extras walk into the scene from the same directions. These two scenes in the movie are supposed to be hours apart.

Revealing Mistakes
While J is talking to Z from the park, J closes his communicator, but Z can still see J on his screen.

Revealing Mistakes
When Agent Jay introduces Laura to the worms, one of them is shown exhaling tobacco smoke. The smoke is released from a tiny opening closely behind the front teeth, not from the throat.

Revealing Mistakes
Agent J is holding onto a thin leash when he and Agent K go with Frank into MIB headquarters. Once they're inside and the lift drops to the floor we see J drop the leash so the dog can go off screen.

Revealing Mistakes
When Agent K is fighting a ball-chinnian in Jack Jeebs' basement, the rubber mask material at the base of the face mask (right at the top of the scarf/sweater he is wearing) is exposed as he pulls down the scarf/collar.

Revealing Mistakes
In the beginning of the film when agent J and agent T first encounter Jeff's weed-looking hair sticking out of the sidewalk grate, agent T bends down to grab the "weed". In one shot, T is obviously tugging away at nothing at all. Evidently, the digital effects team accidentally forgot to add the "weed" (which was computer generated) to that shot.

Errors in Geography
The movie takes place in July 2002, and Agent K sees the Orion constellation. Orion isn't visible from either hemisphere in July except for Antarctica south of the Antarctic Circle.

Errors in Geography
The movie depicts the 81st Street and Central Park West subway stop as stopping for the A and C lines and depicts platforms being on both sides of the tracks. The real stop is for the B and C lines (not A) and only has platforms on one side.

Errors in Geography
Near the end when K presses the red button, you clearly see Times Square behind them. In the next shot of the car, they are seen flying through Times Square again (notice the Virgin Sign passing twice).

Crew/Equipment Visible
When Serleena's ship is in the yellow containment tent, as Jay leans over to look closer the camera crew can be seen in the reflection.

Crew/Equipment Visible
During Agent J's fight against Jarra, a seam is visible in the ceiling after J recovers from being thrown against a wall. The seam is the track for the wire harness, used when J is carried to the back of the room by a flying Jarra copy a moment later.

Factual Mistake
Code 101 Lockdown requires MIB Headquarters to be pressurized. When agent J blows a hole in the entrance, everything (hot dogs, umbrella, etc.) blows into the building. Most people think of pressurization as adding pressure, but negative pressurization, which creates a partial vacuum and so would suck in outside air, is also possible. It's used primarily to prevent pathogens or toxic gasses (both of which are probably present somewhere in MIB headquarters) from escaping into the general atmosphere. It's technically incorrect to refer to it simply as 'pressurization' but it's used colloquially to refer to negative pressurization by those who use it.

When J comes out of the subway, a man walks down the left side of the stairs. J then tells 2 others that the subway is closed. The men that J lets go down the stairs are wearing black suits, and are most likely MIB Agents.

Newton (David Cross) appears in both films. In Men in Black, he was last seen stuck to the ceiling in the morgue, courtesy of the bug, but still alive. It can be presumed that he was later cut down by a clean-up crew and neuralised. This could possibly explain his "paranoid delusions" about aliens and the Men in Black, having some residual feeling of a memory of the events.

Character Error
Jarra says "They're very touchy about this global warming thing" to Serleena regarding taking the Earth's ozone layer, even though global warming is due to too much greenhouse gas, not ozone depletion.

In most of the movie, whenever Agent J and / or Agent K use the lift, they are seen being lowered down from a platform from where the lift opens to the ground of MIB headquarters level. But near the end, when both agents plus the worms use the lift to fight Serleena, the lift stops at the level of MIB headquarters, with no platform having to be used to lower the agents to the same level.

When Agent K removes his digital Hamilton from the clock tower in the Grand Central Station locker, Agent J replaces it with the new Hamilton Ventura Chronograph. The next shot shows K's digital Hamilton back in the spot, replaced again by J's analog in the shots that follow.

Serleena's hairstyle changes throughout the movie (Barry Sonnenfeld admitted this was a problem because of the humidity during filming).

After J and K are flushed from MIB headquarters, the tubes that they end up in are the same height in close-up but are two different heights when seen in long shot.

When J is talking to Kevin in K's own car, clouds appear in the background between shots.

When agent Jay is trying to get off the tubes to save Laura the speaker says '30 seconds to launch' then in 10 seconds it says '15 seconds to launch' and then goes back to normal, meaning the 30 second countdown ends in 25 seconds.

When Frank is hiding in the dead tricrainaslov, the tentacles on the right side are crossed. However, when J zooms in, the tentacles are now uncrossed.
Michael Jackson made a cameo appearance as himself as an undercover Man in Black. Jackson was a huge fan of extra-terrestrials, and there was speculation about him being an alien.

Patrick Warburton made a cameo appearance as Agent T, which is Warburton's usual routine: a tough macho jock who often screws up his assignments.

The director of this movie Barry Sonnenfeld made a cameo appearance as the husband in the apartment where J, K and the worms acquire weaponry.

The original ending of this movie included a scene in which the World Trade Center towers opened up, releasing a swarm of UFOs into the air. Following the towers' destruction, the film's ending was changed. Unfortunately this meant the film had a short running time, so when it was shown in theaters it was packed with trailers and the short film The Chubbchubbs! (2002) to fill the gap.

According to Agent K, it rains when Zarthans cry. Two scenes are shown where it rains: when Laura cries, and in K's memories where he is seen with Princess Laurana. This also explains the connection with Agent K, Princess Laurana and Laura.

When J & K are watching the Light of Zartha video in Newton's room, J comments on the corny video, saying "Looks like Spielberg's work". The film's executive producer is Steven Spielberg.

Newton, the Video Store owner, is also the Morgue attendant in the first Men in Black (1997).

You can see Edgar the Bug's flying saucer (from the first Men in Black (1997)) on top of the roof of the restaurant where J takes Laura for a piece of pie.

In the Hungarian-dubbed version Elizabeth (the Young Girl at the Post Office) lines were redubbed from "Twenty Rugrats stamps please" to "South Park stamps please" because South Park (1997) was better known than Rugrats (1991) in Hungary that time. In the German-dubbed version her lines were re-dubbed to "Pokémon stamps please" because Pokémon (1998) was better known at that time.

The Balchinian is the alien with testicles on his chin. Many names were tried out for this alien during filming (including 'Gonado-Neck'), before settling on Ballchinian.

In both movies outside the pawn shop a tandem bicycle decorated with lights can be seen driving past.

In an interview with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, Smith said: "It was great working with Frank the Pug in the first film, but since we came back he's been acting like an a-hole." Jones then said, "Yeah, Frank's had a bit of an identity crisis since the neutering."

The extra head attached to Scrad is called a 'symbiote,' and was first developed in Men in Black: The Series (1997). It is the most obvious development of the animated series to be carried over into the movies.

In the final battle versus Serleena, J says, "I'm 'bout to lay the smackdown on your candy ass." This phrase was coined by Dwayne Johnson when he was a full-time professional wrestler known as The Rock.

Famke Janssen was originally cast as Serleena, and even completed some of the filming, but was forced to drop out of the project due to a death in her family. Lara Flynn Boyle was then cast in her place.

Jay's line on the "driver airbag" ("Actually it came with a black dude, but he kept getting pulled over.") was improvised by Will Smith. The producers liked it so much it even made the theatrical trailer. Barry Sonnenfeld however was not happy, it was played over and over in the month of June prior to the film's release, making the joke old and tired by the time people saw it in this movie.

In the previous Men in Black (1997), the sympathetic female lead was named Laurel. In this one it's Laura. The L theme is possibly an allusion to Superman's mythology, where the main females have similar L names: Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Lori Lemaris, etc.

The original pug from Men in Black (1997) was used to play Frank again, but since the pug was now seven years old, they used makeup to hide the gray fur around its nose.

The deep, gravely voice of Pineal Eye is how the voice of actor Kevin Grevioux actually sounds (it is used to even greater effect when he played the part of Raze in Underworld (2003)).