Love In-sight (TBA)

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Struck by a simple act of love is one of the most hardest things to live by... a moment carelessly flung aside ambushed by delusions bursts into a lifetime spent in tribute of a long lost self less love... Love In-sight is about our very own world, where despite the worst, the spirit of love, lives on... This story is about Rohan and Chrissy, a couple who had recently got married. Rohan and Chrissy are deeply in love. So much so, that they can do anything for each other. The husband and wife are going someplace for a holiday by car. It is very unfortunate that on their way they meet with an accident. At the hospital, Rohan regains consciousness and finds out that his wife has lost her eyes. A highly ambitious man, Rohan is shocked. He is shaken up by the fact that his wife Chrissy has become blind. Taken aback with this unfortunate incident, Rohan turns out to be a coward and rejects his wife on the only fact that he would not be able to take care of a handicapped wife. Chrissy obviously is depressed and shocked at the way her husband has reacted to her blindness. She goes in a deep depression and is taken care of by her mother. At all times, she is only remembering the good times spent with Rohan. At one point of time, she feels there is no use of her existence. Without her love, her husband, her Rohan, she feels there is no 'need' or 'reasoning' why she should be alive. With a final reminisce of the Lord, she asks for forgiveness, writes a note for her husband and ends her life. At the graveyard, her husband arrives only to see Chrissy lying peacefully although inside a coffin. He notices the note, picks it up and reads it. The note says: Please take care of my eyes. It is with a very harsh reality that he reads, it was actually Rohan himself who had lost his eyes in the accident, and his devoted wife donated her own eyes to him for the simple fact that she loved him, immensely.
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