Kashmir Cross Culture (2010)

 ●  Kannada ● Running Time: TBA

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Kashmir Cross Culture is a landscape and documentary multi-media project, 'that seeks to create visual connections of a decades long conflict through a collaboration of my photography and that of Kashmiri photographer Yasir Iqbal. A personal narrative overlays a mix of styles and imagery: these include travelogue video clips, a Bollywood film shot in Kashmir in 1975, and anonymous TV footage. The stunning beauty of the landscape in Kashmir, known as a paradise on earth, will be contrasted by the massive, violent protests for independence from India that the Kashmiri photojournalists document regularly. My photographs were made during three trips from 2007- 2009, and the recent images include urban/rural portraits of Kashmiris in moments of their everyday lives.' --

Crew: Nancy Siesel (Director)

Genres: War, Biography

Release Dates: 01 Jan 2010 (India)

Kannada Name: ಕಾಶ್ಮೀರ ಕ್ರಾಸ್ ಕಲ್ಚರ್

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Short Film
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