Kalathur Kannamma (1960)

 ●  Tamil ● 3 hrs

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Kannamma is a bright young woman whose father, Murugan is employed by Ramalingam, a wealthy landowner (zamindar). Ramalingam encourages Murugan to send his daughter to the city for schooling, which he does. When Kannamma returns to their town, Kalathur has an educated woman, Ramalingam's son Raja falls in love with her and secretly marries her. However, he soon goes abroad for higher studies, leaving Kannamma to deal with pregnancy without any publicly legitimised relationship. Ramalingam, ashamed by Raja's secret wedding, rejects Kannamma and orders her to never speak of their relationship. Kannamma agrees and goes back to her father, Murugan. Ashamed by his daughter's illegitimate child, Murugan leaves her newborn son in an orphanage and tells her that it was stillborn. What will happen when Raja returns from his studies? Will he accept Kannamma and try to reunite his family or add to her rejection and woes? How will their son's future unfold?
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Cast: Gemini Ganesan, Savitri Gemini Ganesan

Crew: A Bhimsingh (Director), R Sudarshanam (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 12 Aug 1960 (India)

Tamil Name: களத்தூர் கண்ணம்மா

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Did you know? Bhimsingh later remade the film in Hindi as 'Main Chup Rahungi', which starred Sunil Dutt and Meena Kumari in the lead roles. Read More
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Black & White
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24 fps
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Music Director: R Sudarshanam
Lyricist: Kannadasan
Playback Singer: P Susheela, AM Rajah

Music Director: R Sudarshanam
Lyricist: Kannadasan
Playback Singer: CS Jayaraman

Music Director: R Sudarshanam
Playback Singer: P Susheela, AM Rajah

Music Director: R Sudarshanam
Lyricist: Kannadasan
Playback Singer: AM Rajah

Music Director: R Sudarshanam
Lyricist: Vaali
Playback Singer: MS Rajeswari
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Dubbed into: Mavoori Ammayi (Telugu)
The soundtrack of this movie was well received, with the highlight being the melodious song in chorus by the inmates of an orphanage 'Ammaavum neeye, appaavum neeye...' (sung by M. S.Rajeswari lending voice for Kamal Haasan, which is still remembered and treasured by many all over the world.

S. P. Muthuraman, who later became a leading director in Tamil cinema, made his debut as an assistant director in this film.

There are two versions regarding Kamal Hassan's entry into this film: One version has it that, as a little boy, he accompanied a doctor who went to treat an ill woman at the home of "movie mogul" AV Meyyappa Chettiar. On hearing loud shouting from a first-floor tenant of the bungalow, the doctor became uneasy. The young Kamal Haasan strode up the stairway to ask the noisemaker not to shout over the phone as someone was ill, leaving the person astonished. An impressed Meyyappa Chettiar later provided him an entry into films. However, the more accepted version states that when young boy Kamal Haasan accompanied a family doctor of Meyyappa Chettiar to his house, producer AVM Saravanan noticed Kamal as a hyperactive child. He took him over and introduced to AV Meyyappa Chettiar who was looking for a young boy to play a role in the film "Kalathur Kannamma".

The original choice for Kamal Haasan's role was Daisy Irani, who had been already been paid INR 10,000 in advance.

This film was written by Javert Seetharaman, and is said to have been adapted from the Moral Rearmament Army's play The Forgotten Factor. It is also said to have been inspired by the film Nobody's Child (1960).

This film was also remade in Sinhala as 'Mangalika'.

Bhimsingh later remade the film in Hindi as 'Main Chup Rahungi', which starred Sunil Dutt and Meena Kumari in the lead roles.

This film was also dubbed in Telugu as 'Mavoori Ammayi'.

This movie was critically acclaimed and commercially successful, and won several awards such as the Certificate of Merit by the Government of India, and the President's Gold Medal award.

This film stars Gemini Ganesan and Savitri in the lead, while Kamal Haasan made his debut in this film as a child artist.

T Prakash Rao was replaced as the director because of differences in opinion regarding shooting of a song .