Kaalia (1981)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 52 mins

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This fiery drama traces the creation of the feared Kaalia - A name that spells terror in the minds of people and the police, but Kaalia was not always like this. Years ago he was a mere simpleton. Living simply in a shanty chawl with his elder brother, Shyamlal, Bhabhi (Sister -in-law), whom he adored and their daughter Munni. Apart from them there is no one else in Kallu's little world until one day, an enemy in the guise of Shahani Seth appears. Shahani shatters the happiness in Kallu's life. That same day the young Kallu dies, and the dreaded Kaalia is born, Kaalia's main motive in life becomes wealth, and to destroy Shahani. This path of violence leads Kaalia to inspector Raghubir Singh's jail. Outside of jail, Shahani starts reclaiming his power, and inside jail, Kaalia clashes with Raghubir Singh. How will the clash between Kaalia and Inspector Singh turn out? Will Kaalia succeed in defeating his enemies?
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Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Asha Parekh, Parveen Babi

Crew: Tinnu Anand (Director), Pravin Bhatt (Director of Photography), Rahul Dev Burman (Music Director), Kishan Bagga (Audiographer)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Action, Drama, Family, Musical

Release Dates: 25 Dec 1981 (India)

Hindi Name: कालिया

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Did you know? The popular actress Kushboo Sundar (as Baby Khushboo), played a cameo in this movie as a child artiste, enacting the role of Rina. Read More
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as Kallu / Kaalia
as Shanti
as Shalini / Rani Singh
as Shahani Seth / Jaswant
as Constable
as Michael
as Convict
as Shamu
as Ram Din
as Jailer Raghvir Singh
as Crippled Prisoner
as Public Prosecutor
as Abdul


First Assistant Director
Assistant Director


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Screenplay Writer
Story Writer
Dialogue Writer

Camera and Electrical

Director of Photography
Assistant Cameraman


Music Director
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Sound Re-recording Mixer
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24 fps
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Music Label: Universal Music India
Music Director: Rahul Dev Burman
Playback Singer: Kishore Kumar
Music Director: Rahul Dev Burman
Playback Singer: Mohammad Rafi
Music Director: Rahul Dev Burman
Playback Singer: Asha Bhosle
Music Director: Rahul Dev Burman
Playback Singer: Asha Bhosle
When Kallu fails to escape from the jail, after Raghuveer beats him up there is no blood on his face. But in the cell scene where he has been chained by the officers, there is blood there.

Revealing Mistakes
When Kallu is driving the car which he borrowed from the showroom, he moves the gear lever inconsistently to put the car into reverse - sometimes backwards, sometimes forwards.
The popular actress Kushboo Sundar (as Baby Khushboo), played a cameo in this movie as a child artiste, enacting the role of Rina.

The song, Jahan Teri Yeh Nazar Hai influenced the song, Palat - Tera Hero Idhar Hai featured on the 2014 film, Main Tera Hero.

Tinnu Annad was chasing Amitabh Bachchan for a year to narrate his script, from studio to studio, and every time Amitabh would say not today, tomorrow, due to the fact he had a really busy schedule. Finally Tinnu had cornered Amitabh on the sets of Don and finally narrated his script. When Tinnu finished, Amitabh was silent. Tinnu said, "You don't have to tell me that you like my script because I know you like it very much." Amitabh was surprised and asked, "How do you know that? "Tinnu replied, "Before I came, a few people told me that if Amitabh Bachchan is hearing a script and he looks towards the sky and he starts stroking his hair, it means your script is rejected. I am glad you did neither while I was narrating the script.' Amitabh Bachchan liked Tinnu's confidence and signed the project.

The song "Jahan Teri Ye Nazar Hai" was filmed on the sets of Namak Halal (1982), another Amitabh Bachchan Blockbuster. This was due to financial and time constraints

Cerrones disco hit Supernature is sampled as background music in the film. The drum beats of the song appear when two goons are staring at a knocked out Parveen Babi.

Vinod Khanna was the original choice for the role. Since he was leaving to join Rajnesh Amitabh was approached.

Dharmendra was initial choice for lead role.
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