Jagat Jogini Maa Khodiyar (2006)

 ●  Gujarati ● Running Time: TBA

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Cow-herd Mamaniya Charan lives a poor lifestyle in Gardhana village, Gujarat, India along with his wife. Although they have been married for 10 years they have not been able to conceive and as a result both are shunned and mocked at by the entire community excluding Maharaj Adiraj, a friend of Mamaniya. But when Adiraj himself forbids Mamaniya from coming to the palace as he brings bad-luck, Mamaniya prays to Bhagwan Shri Bholeynath, who is pleased by his devotion and together with Devi Maa Parvati appears before him. When Mamaniya demands an offspring, Bholeynath tells that he is not destined to bear children, but on Parvatiji's suggestion he asks Mamaniya to approach Naagraj in Pataal Lok. Mamaniya undertakes the journey, meets with Naagraj, his wife and 8 children, and after listening to Mamaniya's plea instantly asks him to take all his children. A delighted Mamaniya returns home, tells the good news to his wife, and after a few days 8 children - 7 girls and 1 boy - miraculously appear in their house. The entire community and Adiraj himself share in their joy. When the children grow up, one of their daughters, Jaanbai, who walks with a limp, starts displaying supernatural powers and is re-named Devi Maa Khodiyar. When news of this gets out, the family begin to face challenges from Raj Purohit, the Mahamantri, and a shape-changing demon, Dankasur, who will leave no stone unturned to discredit Mamaniya, Devi Maa Khodiyar, and the entire Charan family.

Cast: Arvind Joshi, Sati Joshi

Crew: Amar Solanki (Director), Ramji Wadia (Director of Photography)

Genres: Drama, Family, History

Release Dates: 01 Jan 2006 (India)

Gujarati Name: જગત જોગીની માં ખોડીયાર

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