Insaaf Ki Devi (1992)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 42 mins

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This evocative drama that revolves around the system of law and justice in India follows Suraj Prakash, who is accused by a young woman named Sheela for allegedly sexually molesting her on the pretext of offering her a job overseas. He not only denies this, but accuses Sheela of making him deaf and mute. His lawyer, Kanoonilal, successfully convinces the Judge that Sheela is lying, and as a result gets a verdict in his client's favor. However, before for long, Suraj is arrested for allegedly killing his wife, Sita. Kanoonilal proves to the Court that Sita committed suicide after Suraj caught her having an affair with his client, resulting in Suraj getting a not guilty verdict. Shortly thereafter, Suraj again is arrested by the Police, this time for allegedly killing his very own niece, Pinky, the daughter of Sadhana and Police Inspector Santosh Verma. Kanoonilal uses Santosh's testimony to get his client off again. After this verdict, a shattered and devastated Sadhana swears to kill Suraj, S.I. Ajay Singh, and Kanoonilal - only to find herself in confrontation with her husband. How events unfold that pit husband and wife against each other, while the accused and his associates continue to manipulate the law and it's process at will, forms the crux of this tale.

Cast: Jeetendra Kapoor, Rekha Ganesan

Crew: SA Chandrasekhar (Director), Manmohan Singh (Director of Photography), Bappi Lahiri (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Action

Release Dates: 31 Jan 1992 (India)

Hindi Name: इंसाफ़ की देवी

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as Inspector Santosh Verma
as Sadhana S Verma
as Police Commissioner Geeta Mathur
as Vijay's mom
as Advocate Kanoonilal
as Vijay
as Public Prosecutor
as Suraj Prakash
as Sita S Prakash
as Chandramukhi
as S I Ajay Singh


First Assistant Director




Screenplay Writer
Dialogue Writer

Camera and Electrical

Director of Photography


Music Director
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