I Am the Tiger (2012)

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I AM THE TIGER is a one-woman show that uses dance, music and poetry to tell the story of an endangered species. Two essential aspects of life on our planet are in danger; feminine energy and our endangered animals. Save these and you secure our future. I AM THE TIGER is the story of Taqdeer (destiny), raised in the forest of Sarhi. His sister, Bachi is forced to fight for food to feed her cubs and is branded a man- eater. After seeing his uncle Banka, cruelly killed by hunters Taqdeer is shattered. He ends up in a Zoo in Delhi. Here a life of barren captivity, inhumane conditions and loneliness force him to the very brink of existence and madness.

Cast: Shivani Vazir

Crew: Renaud Lessard Ste-Marie (Director), Shivani Vazir (Director)

Genres: Drama, Family, Musical

Release Dates: 01 Jan 2012 (India)

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