Hum To Chale Pardes (1988)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 17 mins

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Kumar and Suman have been married for many years but never had children. Suman gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl after great difficulty, as she passes away and makes her husband promise to protect her daughter and not to remarry. Kumar agrees to care for his daughter and creates a strong bond with his daughter Priya. Priya is arranged to marry her childhood friend Ajay Mehra, on the account that the family relocate to India. The Marriage happens but Kumars continuous intrusion enrages the Mehra family, causing Kumar to ask his daughter to not visit him anymore. Priya gets deeply upset and decides to relocate to London and never see her father again. A pregnant Priya learns about her fathers heart attack and the family visit him. Her father's illness has a negative impact on her pregnancy which could kill Priya if she gives birth to the child, and is she doesn't , she could never have kids anymore. Ajay is forced to choose between his wife and his child. Who will survive this battle between life and death??

Cast: Mandakini Goswami, Rajiv Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor

Crew: Ravinder Peepat (Director)

Genres: Romance

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1988 (India)

Hindi Name: हम तो चले परदेस

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Did you know? The film features the song "Walk Like a Egyptian" by The Bangles. Read More
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The film features the song "Walk Like a Egyptian" by The Bangles.