Gomatha (2012)

 ●  Tamil ● Running Time: TBA

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In villages of Tamil Nadu, India, there prevails the practice of taking cows and buffaloes directly to the houses and milking them in the presence of the customer. If the calf of these cows and buffaloes are male, they get butchered. After the calf is killed, it is skinned and stuffed with hay. This fake calf is placed near the cow/buffalo while milking. The mother, totally unaware of this impersonation goes on licking and petting the calf while lactating. Those who indulge in this practice justify themselves saying that they are unable to look after the male calf. Inability to look after... will that induce us to kill our own children too?

Crew: Ranjith Narayan (Director)

Genres: Drama, Family

Release Dates: 01 Jan 2012 (India)

Tamil Name: கோமத

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Short Film
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