Genius (2016)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 44 mins

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Thomas Wolfe is an aspiring writer whose work has been rejected by everyone, but Maxwell Perkins, a renowned editor and connoisseur of talent recognises his genius and publishes his work. How will their success affect their friendship and personal lives?
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Cast: Colin Firth, Guy Pearce, Jude Law, Laura Linney, Nicole Kidman

Crew: Michael Grandage (Director), Ben Davis (Director of Photography), Adam Cork (Music Director), David Shrubsole (Music Director)

Rating: P13 (Malaysia)

Genres: Drama, Biography

Release Dates: 20 Oct 2016 (Malaysia), 25 Aug 2016 (Singapore), 25 Aug 2016 (United Arab Emirates)

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Did you know? Michael Fassbender was initially cast as Thomas Wolfe but after the film was delayed which had created scheduling conflicts, Fassbender decided to dropped out Read More
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as Max Perkins
as F Scott Fitzgerald
as Thomas Wolfe
as Louise Perkins
as Aline Bernstein
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as John Wheelock
as Ernest Hemingway
as Mabel Wolfe
as Scribner's Office Manager
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Supporting Actor
as Anaesthetist
as New Yorker
as Funeral Minister
as New Yorker
as Principle Nurse
as Street Coffee Seller
as Manuscript Delivery Man
as Jazz Club Customer
as Chinese New Yorker
as The Purring Woman
as Jane Perkins
as Train Commuter
as Peggy Perkins
Supporting Actor
as Nancy Perkins
as Theatrical Ladies' Ensemble
as Boat Captain
as Fredrick Wolf
as Eleanor
as Scribner's Sub Editor
as Scribner's Proofreader
as Smart New Yorker / cabbage seller
as Scribner's Secretary
as Jazz Dancer
as College Boy
as Fisherman
as Sonia Marks
as Warehouse Worker
as Train Commuter
as Zelda Fitzgerald


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The movie includes the immensely talented two oscar winners: Nicole Kidman and Collin Firth and the two oscar nominees: Jude Law and Laura Linney

At no point during the film does Colin Firth appear without his hat on, until the end when he reads Thomas' posthumous letter

In real life, Aline Bernstein was 20 years older than Thomas Wolfe, while the age difference between the real onscreen pair (Jude Law and Nicole Kidman) was only 5 years apart.

Jude Law and director Michael Grandage had previously worked together on the stage productions of "Henry V" and "Hamlet"

The movie had been in the development stage for 15 years, according to screenwriter John Logan, who had first read the novel in 1983

Michael Fassbender was initially cast as Thomas Wolfe but after the film was delayed which had created scheduling conflicts, Fassbender decided to dropped out

Roadside Attractions plans to premiere the film at Berlin Film Festival and release the film theatrically in July, using the same distribution strategies as their earlier movie 'Mr. Holmes'

'Genius' is Michael Grandage's debut as director of a feature film

while preparing for his character, Jude Law had visited the The Thomas Wolfe Memorial situated in Wolfe's hometown - Asheville, NC

'Genius' also marks the second collaboration between Kidman and Jude Law, after their previous film 'Cold Mountain'

'Genius', is the third collaboration between Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman, who had earlier worked together in the movies - 'The Railway Man' and 'Before I Go to Sleep'

A Scott Berg's biography "Max Perkins: Editor of Genius" on which the film is based had won the National Book Award, upon it's publication in the year 1978

Nicole Kidman had described her part of Aline Bernstein as "a fiery, dark-haired, strong woman, flamboyant, and a character ahead of her time
Filming Start Date:
19 Oct 2014
Filming End Date:
12 Dec 2014