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Gargi - To be celebrated.

Every Friday new Tamil movies are released in OTT and theaters. In that way, a movie that is released this week is 'Kargi', a movie directed by Gautham Ramachandran starring famous actress Sai Pallavi. Here is the review of the movie 'Gargi'.

Gargi(Sai Pallavi) is a teacher in a private school. She has a 10-year-old younger sister, father Brahmanandam (RS Sivaji) who works as a security guard in an apartment. At her mother's house, she grinds flour. As a middle-class family. Suddenly a 9-year-old girl gets sexually harassed by some people in the apartment where her father Brahmanandam (RS Shivaji) works. The police arrested Kaveri as Brahmanandam (RS Shivaji) was involved in this crime. The rest of 'Gargi' is about Muetschi who takes his father Brahmanandam (RS Shivaji) out of jail and whether Brahmanandam (RS Shivaji) consents to the crime or not.

The director Gautham Ramachandran has handled the positive-screen story and dialogue in the best way. As usual Tamil movies without templates. From start to finish 'What's Next has a twist and a twist. And the public watching the film is lying on a pile of paper.

How did Sai Pallavi perform in previous films? They have expressed it many times as well.

Kaali Venkat in 'Gargi' is the same as Jaypeem Suriya. Every character in the film is unique, from RS Sivaji to the transgender judge to Owen.

Music – As the screenplay travels in the film, so does the background score. Like '96', Govind Vasantha has scored the music in the best breaking manner in this film.

Can you watch this movie with your family?

Yes, these sex scenes don't show any nasty parties. So watch this movie with your family.

After the interval, the film gets a bit choppy. 'Gargi' (Sai Pallavi) is a flashback of childhood sexual abuse. Then the film returns to strength with the teasers.

This 'Corgi' is about a girl bravely fighting against the cruelty meted out to a girl in general.

Gargi - To be celebrated.

Review by Ahmad Asjad

4/5 rating