Gandharvya Kanya (1979)

 ●  Telugu ● Running Time: TBA

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Abducted, presumed dead, young Pratap survives in an ashram, learns various arts of worship and weaponry, rescues and then falls in love with Kalingnagar's Rajkumari Malti, and wants to wed her. When he visits the region, he finds that many others who had attempted to wed her, had failed due to stringent conditions set forth by her dad, Bhujang Verma, and are languishing in prison. It is then he finds out his parents, who had been duped out of their palace by Bhujang and Rajguru, are alive, blind, imprisoned and tortured regularly, and sets forth to restore their kingdom to them. In order to do this, he must bring back a Mani that is located in a secret cave, guarded by snakes, protect himself from flesh-eating and shape-changing demoness', pygmies, and other challenges, while the wily Rajguru abducts Malti as well as his parents, and intends to hold them hostage until the Mani is turned over to him.

Cast: Jayaprabha, Narasimha Raju

Crew: B Vittalacharya (Director)

Genres: Action, Thriller

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1979 (India)

Telugu Name: గంధర్వ్య కన్య

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