Esther Raped (2009)

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The film explores the relationship between a young, African American man, deployed to Iraq and the girlfriend who must bid him farewell. The narrative unfolds over a casual dinner where Salih informs Sarah of his call to duty. A heated debate ensues drawing Sarah and Salih to loggerheads. It becomes known that Salih is employed as a signal systems trainer and was least expecting a war notice. It's also established that monetary concerns have left the couple with no other option but to let Salih go. This point is established early on and underlines the debate as the film progresses. As a social and political critique, the film works on several levels. Most obviously, it concerns the correlation between economic distress and military recruitment. It just so happens that a majority of African-Americans and Latinos are forced into this option of an 'unofficial draft' on this pretext. But also, the film emphasizes Sarah's reaction and projects the injustice and pain caused by wars not simply on those who engage in active duty, but the many friends and family left behind.

Cast: Amanda Adili, Damiyr Shuford

Crew: Agneya Singh (Director)

Genres: Drama, War

Release Dates: 01 Jan 2009 (India)

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