Disrupted Divas; Conflicting Pathways (2010)

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This ethnographic point-of-view documentary looks at the lives of courtesans in three communities in North India. These women of the courtesan/red light districts are part of a tradition of divas, by virtue of their identity and historical contributions as entertainers. However, their status in society has fallen , due to historical, discursive, and pragmatic disruptions they encounter. This disintegration of the tradition has made access to the mainstream diva identity very difficult, if not impossible, to attain. Finally, we explore sites of hope and empowerment for these women as grassroots performing artists supported by new, non-exploitative patronage.

Crew: Amie Maciszewski (Director)

Genres: History, Musical

Release Dates: 01 Jan 2010 (India)

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Documentary Short
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