Delhi Bound for Work (2009)

 ●  Hindi ● Running Time: TBA

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Each year, thousands of poor, young women migrate from villages of Eastern India to seek employment as live-in domestic workers in urban centers in India. The film offers an intimate glimpse into their lives as they work in the city whilst providing for their families. What compels these women, some as young as 14, to migrate for a livelihood? Who are the various players involved in their migration and trafficking and what do they stand to gain? How are they treated by placement agencies and employers? Does earning an income change their status within the family? What happens when the women desire to return back home and how are they treated by their community? Sensitive and moving, the film seeks to find answers to these questions and unravel the complex nature of their migration, exploitation and trafficking. The portraits of domestic workers are filled with grace and courage as they reveal their feelings of loneliness, alienation and rejection whilst describing circumstances of their working and personal lives.
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