C Srikanth

Producer ● Co-Producer

Not following a beaten path but following one’s heart has been the one consistent guiding theme in Srikanth’s life, post his qualification as a Chartered Accountant. Quitting a corporate job for venturing into the world of investing and trading very early in his life , Srikanth has evolved as a professional in the post liberalization electronic based trading systems of the Indian capital market. Whether it was the derivatives market or commodities futures markets, he embraced and adapted to these systems as they were introduced in the country. Along with his associate Sathyamoorthy, he co-founded Saravana Stocks Pvt Ltd which went on to become one of South India’s most respected stock broking houses. His unique approach to the concept of Investing includes collaborating with people and investment in facilitating new ideas, and in social ventures as a means to creating lasting value that goes beyond mere percentages and numbers. This led to creation of Aghal Films and producing the unique project, Margazhi Raagam—a classical concert film, and now One, a path breaking project to take classical music away from the concert stage. Aghal Films was also co-producer on 180/Nootrenbadhu, a bilingual feature film starring Siddharth, Priya Anand and Nithya Menen. The same approach led to investment in Altius Foundation, a not for profit organization very actively engaged in the field of education and tackling the problems of drop-outs in education and in redefining primary education systems based on education technology for the benefit of the economically backward sections of society. Srikanth is also a trustee in We CAN, an NGO founded by his wife Gita that has pioneered intervention in children with autism with an aim to make them inclusive members of society.
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