Bodyguard (2010)

 ●  Malayalam ● 2 hrs 32 mins

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Embedded with quirky comedy and charged emotions, this offbeat romantic drama follows the trials and triumphs in the life of young Jayakrishnan (Dileep), who has a very strange habit; he adulates anyone with even a trace of heroism. Whenever he develops an admiration towards a person, he prefers to move with that person as a sort of bodyguard. He starts admiring Ashokan (Thiagarajan), a former liquor tycoon and leading businessman. Jayakrishnan wants to be Ashokan's bodyguard, but Ashokan does not need a bodyguard. Later, Jayakrishnan approaches Ashokan with a recommendation from someone he cannot refuse. He achieves his luck after saving Ashokan from danger. Jayakrishnan thus becomes the bodyguard of Ashokan's only daughter Ammu (Nayantara). Jayakrishnan follows Ammu to her college as her bodyguard. Ammu and her friend Sethulakshmi (Mithra Kurian) get annoyed and irritated with him following them all day. Jayakrishnan takes his role as bodyguard very seriously and follows the two girls around constantly. In an attempt to get rid of him, Ammu and Sethulakshmi make up a "fake lover" hoping to distract Jayakrishnan from his duties as a bodyguard. It works! Jayakrishnan falls in love with "PRIVATE NUMBER", and is constantly looking for this girl. He has no idea that his lover is Ammu. Ammu, as a joke, calls Jayakrishnan and speaks badly about Ammu. Jayakrishnan gets a little angry and disagrees with her. He believes Ammu is a good-hearted person. That's when the viewer is able to tell Ammu is really falling in love with Jayakrishnan. This is no joke anymore. Ammu, later tells Jayakrishnan to run away with her and meet her at a railroad station. Jayakrishnan agrees, not knowing that the girl is Ammu. Ashokan finds out and he believes that Jayakrishnan and Ammu are planning to run away together. In order to save Jayakrishnan's life, Ammu lies that it's not her. That Jayakrishnan is meeting another girl at the station. Ashokan lets Jayakrishnan go, but tells others to kill Jayakrishnan if a girl does not show up. Terrified, Ammu sends her friend, Sethulakshmi, to the station and tells her to tell Jayakrishnan that Ammu is the lover and she won't be able to make it to the station. Sethulakshmi, seeing Jayakrishnan, falls in love, and admits that she is the lover, not Ammu. Ammu calls her twice, but Sethulakshmi throws the cellphone out, trying to erase Ammu out of their love life completely. Years later, after Jayakrishnan and Sethulakshmi's marriage, she bore a son. Before her death, she leaves a diary for her son telling the whole story between the phone calls and his father and Ammu. The son later goes to Ammu's house with Jayakrishnan to visit Ashokan. Jayakrishnan is shocked Ammu isn't married. The son asks Ammu to become his mother and Jayakrishnan is shocked and angry at his son for saying something so blunt and rude. But Ashokan begs Jayakrishnan to take Ammu as his wife. So they go onto the train together, but will Jayakrishnan ever learn the identity of his true love?

Cast: Dileep Pillai, Mithra Kurian, Nayanthara Kurian

Crew: Siddique (Director), S Kumar (Director of Photography), Ouseppachan (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Release Dates: 23 Jan 2010 (India)

Malayalam Name: ബ്ബൊദ്യ്ഗുഅർദ്

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Did you know? This movie marks the first collaboration between Dileep and director Siddique. Read More
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as Jayakrishnan
as Sethulakshmi
as Principal
as Meenu Teacher



Camera and Electrical

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Film Type:
Colour Info:
Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
2.35:1, 2.39:1 (Scope)

Music Director: Ouseppachan
Playback Singer: Anitha Shaiq

Music Director: Ouseppachan
Playback Singer: Ranjith K Govind

Music Director: Ouseppachan

Music Director: Ouseppachan
Playback Singer: Karthik

Music Director: Ouseppachan

Music Director: Ouseppachan
Playback Singer: Karishma Manandhar
Movie Connection(s):
Remade as: Kaavalan (Tamil)
Remade as: Bodyguard (Hindi)
Remade as: Bodyguard (Telugu)
Remade as: Simhamanti Chinnodu (Telugu)
This was Cochin Haneefa's last film released before his death on 2 February 2010.

This movie marks the first collaboration between Dileep and director Siddique.

This movie marked Nayantara's comeback to Malayalam cinema after a gap of four years.

This movie has been remade into Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and Telugu. Tamil and Hindi versions were directed by Siddique himself. A Bengali version of the movie is in production. Although this film was only a moderate success in Kerala, its respective remakes went on to become huge hits.