Avataran (TBA)

 ●  Assamese ● 2 hrs 29 mins

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200 years into the future, earth is completely destroyed, almost all species, except mankind, extinct. Only few selected scientists, residing in a space station, Prana 911, are mankind's last hope. An ancient power Jio (meaning ‘soul’ in Assamese), bought by a superior Alien race might hold the key to saving mankind. But this ancient power was stolen and the alien's kingdom – Atlantis, was destroyed. The ancient power resurfaces, 25000 years later, during present times. A simple family with two children - Panchi and Raj, gets unwittingly entangled in this power struggle involving Jio. When her family is endangered, Panchi must stop Dagon, a mad scientist, who has travelled through time, in pursuit of the Jio. Dagon wants to save the planet by destroying mankind. Thus, the children embark on a perilous and thrilling adventure, to save their family and Planet Earth, and Panchi receives guidance from the ancient queen Liya, in her endeavor. On a larger scale, the film raises questions regarding the harmful effects of human’s progress and scientific development on our planet and future, and the necessity to safeguard our natural resources and prevent gradual destruction of our environment and ecology system. On a macro level, the film highlights the importance of protecting our family and home, at any cost. It also laments the loss of humanity in the modern world, as humans crave for power, money and materialistic gain.

Cast: Devyam Seal, Reema Begum

Crew: Tarunabh Dutta (Director)

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Tagline: A Brief History of Mankind

Assamese Name: অৱতৰণ

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A Brief History of Mankind